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Desa Mas ( Mas Village ) classified as a tourist village located in the district of Ubud , Gianyar , Bali

Mas village history began when a Brahmin derived from Majapahit visiting Bali because his will who want to preserve the Hindu religion after being pressured by Islam in Java . Bawu Rauh Rauh is the name of the chaplain , who had in the village of Mas much to the discourse and lessons in various fields such as religion , art and culture , social , and others to someone named Mas Wilis .

Desa Mas ( Mas Village ) classified as a tourist village located in the district of Ubud , Gianyar , Bali . If taken from Denpasar distance is approximately about 20 km . Almost along the road leading to the village of Mas met by various kinds of art - shop that serves as a center for craft trade sculpture . In the art -shop that also are found those who worked as a sculptor , engraver and sculptor . Characteristics of the craft are the main attraction of the village of Mas is the insistence in carrying values ​​of humanism and naturalism as its central message .

Mas village is actually been known since ancient times until today because of its various advantages , such as art and wood carving . Diverse works of art , especially sculpture that has been generated by craftsmen in this village can be enjoyed by the visitors who come from the statue statue which typically functioned for various rituals and offerings Balinese Hindu community , the statue became a symbol of social and community residents of Bali , as well as sculptures which is the work of the imagination that tends to abstract and contains the depth of the philosophy of the author .

As well as the various kinds of craft , Desa Mas is also located very strategic location so it is not surprising that this village is often used as a tourist destination in the area of ​​Gianyar . So complete has been the village of Mas as a tourist paradise handicrafts surrounding community , natural beauty , and thick with historical value .




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