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Banjar Hot Water is a natural hot spring that is believed to cure skin diseases

Banjar hot water is located in the village of Banjar, Banjar District not far from Pemuteran, about 5 km west of Lovina or 24 km Singaraja.Dimana hot Banjar quite known among foreign tourists because of its location not far from Lovina Beach, which is 10 km Beach Banjar water managed by the Foundation Yeh Panes Nirmala, where for the location Banjar Hot Springs we can use any transport because of the road conditions are good enough. Hot banjar is a natural hot spring that is believed to cure skin diseases.


Atmosphere locations Banjar Hot cool and beautiful, because the complex is surrounded by hot water row shady trees and gardens. Near Banjar Hot Water there is a small river that is crystal clear. Hot Banjar estimated to have existed hundreds of years ago, when the Japanese occupation era banjo hot springs is used as a recreation and healing skin diseases because of hot water containing sulfur .Pemerintah Japanese banjo then build three swimming baths for Soaking. Now Banjar Hot Water baths used by the general public and to tourists. Where in the pool there is also Banjar Hot water showers for bathing.


In the holiday season, Banjar Hot water is visited by foreign tourists and local tourists or local people. Banjar Hot water channeled into three pools were graded. Top pool to plunge pools with shower 8 dragon. With about 50 cm depth of the pool where visitors can enjoy a hot tub soak banjo is sitting while enjoying a water massage shower.

The second pool is a large pool for swimming. Pool is located on the bottom of the pool first. At this pool there are 5 showers. Visitors can choose just to sit bathing or swimming in this pool.


In the final pool there are three fountain with a height of 3.5m. swift water fall showers that make the body like a massage by location Hot water baths Banjar visitors if you want to swim must wear a bathing suit, is also forbidden to use soap or shampoo pond. In a hot water bath banjo available dressing room is also restaurant, where we do not have to pay too high., To get warm water to bathe, swim or bathe as much in Banjar Hot Springs.








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