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Bali Museum in Denpasar initially only has a land area of ​​2,600 square meters and there are three divisions of each page, the outdoor courtyard

Bali museum is located in downtown Denpasar , address precisely in the way Major Wisnu 80232. Denpasar Bali Denpasar Bali museum To the north , there is a great temple which is also one of the tourist attractions in the city of Denpasar , his name is Jagatnatha Temple .


Bali right in front of the museum there is a very broad field , the name field is Puputan Badung field , as well as a statue of the four faces Catur Muka statue . Mileage from Ngurah Rai airport is 15 kilometers

Denpasar Bali Museum , also known by the name of the country museum Denpasar Bali province , means the museum is managed by the provincial government of Bali province . Museum Bali Denpasar , save a lot of knowledge concerning human civilization throughout the ages , especially the people of Bali


The initial idea to establish the state museum Denpasar Bali province, coming from a man named WFJ Kroon. WFJ Kroon are foreigners who served as a resident assistant Bali south of year 1909-1913. Originally started in 1910, of building Arca. There are 3 people who became the architect of the building Arca, namely: 

I Gusti Ketut Gede KandelI

Gusti Rai ketutCurt Grundler (German citizen)

Arca building, when it is financed by the kings in Bali, which was in power at the time. Starting from the king of Tabanan, Buleleng king, the king of Karangasem. In 1930, a man named WT Sttuterhim, when it served as the head of department of ancient Bali, seeks to fill the buildings with heritage ethnography Arca.

A foundation that will manage the museum was formed in 1932, to the smooth operation of the museum. 1932, precisely on December 8, 1932, the inauguration of the early opening of the museum in Denpasar Bali. Bali Museum in Denpasar initially only has a land area of ​​2,600 square meters and there are three divisions of each page, the outdoor courtyard, a central courtyard and the inner courtyard. Each page is limited by a wall and there is a gate (entrance). In the courtyard, there are three buildings and each building called the name of the region in accordance with the local name of the king who finance the construction of the museum:

  1.  Building Karangasem
  2. Building TabananBuilding

    BulelengOn the day of independence of the republic of Indonesia, Bali in Denpasar museum management was taken over by the provincial government of Bali. Then on January 5, 1965, the Indonesian government took over management of the museum, which is then submitted to the department of education and culture. Department of education and culture then provide a name, country museum province of Bali. The museum area expansion occurred in 1969, from a lamp project assistance. Total area of ​​2,600 square meters to 6,000 square meters. Not only is the area to be added, the number of buildings also added another one and called the east building. You must remember to regional autonomy in 2000. In this museum management of Bali in Denpasar taken over again by the provincial government of Bali.









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