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Bali Treetop Adventure also is a fun activity Bali Activities Tour is set in an open air environment for groups and families in Indonesia

Bali Treetop Adventure is a tour that is done in the garden with neatly lined timber that is used as the track grip on the rope which was used as the treetop game arena itself. All between challenges and a package of treetop adventure is very challenging so you have a good physical must prepared. And here you need agility because of the many obstacles that must be passed very fun to do with your beloved family. Bali Treetop Adventure also is a fun activity Bali Activities Tour is set in an open air environment for groups and families in Indonesia, 0pen everyday in Bali Botanical Garden, Bedugul Bali Buleleng highway. Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour offers 65 challenges for all levels and ages: Suspended bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings, and many more fun challenges with 6 degree of challenge in 5 circuits adventure from one tree to another with height range between 2-20 meters.dependent of courage a person and some are designed specifically for children - children have been provided here.The whole area of ​​activity, platforms, all construction and design challenges and all the equipment is in accordance with European standards and under the supervision of the Technical Advisor and France. Bali Treetop Adventure has six different circuits, which goes from the smallest to the highest, starting with a series of Yellow Squirrel for 4 to 6 years of age, and finishing with a thrilling circuit Black Adrenalin.ini is the cause why the treetop into a craze and more people are vacationing bali island. for more information please contact us / webmail // now !!!


The price list along with profits below and explanations :

Location of Bali Treetop Adventure vacation spot set up and implemented in the Botanical Garden Bedugul , these are some explanations on Bali treetop adventure :

  • The opening hours of treetop adventure bali is hours 08.30am - 18.00pm
  • In Bali treetop adventure there are 7 Circuit adventure from one tree to another with height range between 2-20 meters .
  • There are also 72 challenges Suspended bridges very challenging ,
  • Spider Nets , Tarzan Jumps , Flying - Fox , Flying Swings , and many more
  • And most stressful that there are 12 flying fox up to 160m long .

Plantations were chosen as the arena of Bali Treetop Adventure:

  • All circuit platforms are held in place using an innovative compression system to protect trees from damage caused by human error, therefore we made the arena without disturb treetop ecosystems in nature.
  • Half log protectors are used to prevent cables from cutting into trees and minimize tree trunk degradation.
  • Please help us protect the environment: Do not smoke or take out the garbage during the adventure.

Safety yan emphasized in Bali Treetop Adventure:

  • To all clients who want to come bali treetop must follow the safety instructions by our Patrol Guides will explain how the circuit works, how to use the equipment, and provides all the safety instructions that you need to respect at all times, as long as it lasts.
  • Construction of Bali Treetop Adventure Park is managed ole management of France and all the materials and equipment in accordance with European standards.

Study of age can participate in the Bali Treetop Adventure:

  • Bali Treetop Adventure Park is accessible to all regardless of level of agility or experience.Bali Treetop Adventure receives clients from 4 years to more than 70 with a maximum weight of 120kg and you also have to follow all the rules are there to suppress the danger occurs.

It is a miraculous arena circuit / packet that you can try in Bali Treetop adventure with age, and anyone can participate in this treetop adventure:

Yellow Squirrel

Circuit Treetop low. Specifically designed for children from the age of 4 years

Green Squirrel

Circuit designed specifically for children - children with a little more challenging with altitude platforms up to 5 m. This circuit is also an introduction to the adult stage circuit with a real challenge.

Dancing with Trees (Blues Circuit)

Circuit with many challenges swinging and flying fox longer. Altitude platforms up to 8 m.

Emotion (Red Circuit)

Circuit platforms with heights up to 11 m. For those who dare to pass Tarzan jump will enjoy a flying fox with a length of 160 m.

Adrenaline (Black Circuit)

is the most challenging circuit. Courage and physical ability is needed to make the leap tarzan makes your breath bated. Altitude platforms up to 20 m.

Procedure Bali Treetop Adventure Park


  • Adult & Children: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Squirrel Circuits: 1 hour 30 minutes


  1. arrival in Bali Treetop Adventure Park, each of the first client receives his / her equipment (Harness, Pulley, carabiners) - 5 minutes.
  2. Each participant then had to follow the safety instructions, one of the Patrol Guide shows how to use the equipment at the Demonstration Circuit - 5 minutes.
  3. Each client then must try the Demonstration Circuit, with our Patrol Guide check whether the client understands how to use the equipment - 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Then, each client is free to go on one of the Circuits of Bali Treetop Adventure Park, as much as he / she wants or cans. We suggest that it is better for adult clients start with Green Discovery Circuit before trying the higher Circuits. Children clients should start by the Squirrel Yellow Circuit.

Note: Prices do not include shuttle, $ 30 for an additional charge shuttle.





v 2 hours and 30 minutes access to all 7 levels and 72 challenging circuits

v Safety equipment

v Help and support by professional instructors

v European safety standards ( EN 15567-1 ) is controlled by the French management

v Insurance ( for ages up to 65 years )

v Mineral water


v Transportation shuttle

v Lunch not included

v Entrance to Bedugul botanical garden



• All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy with arms raised to the height of at least 130cm , at least 4 years old and must weigh less than 120kg . Anyone who does not meet these requirements will not be allowed to carry out activities .


• Due to the physical nature of the activities of Bali Treetop recommends that pregnant women should not take part in the activities .


• Children under 14 years old can take part in activities only if they are under adult supervision .





ADULT :USD 22/pax

USD 24/pax

CHILD  :USD 14/pax

USD 16/pax


USD 63/pax

Terms Payment


We have 2 term of payment : 1. Payment of cashfor payment with cash , you can pay directly with the BALI TREETOP ADVENTURE company.Note : if you are already in Bali. 

2. Payment Via PaypalFor payment Via paypal , you can see the first step in the menu Term Of Payment On our Website .

Note : It is suggested if you are still in your country , 50 % Advance at the time booking and deal we will process requests for your further.and you can see on the menu Term Of Payment On our website .and Follow step by step methode of payment. 

3.Payment with other currencies will convert based on the daily exchange rate.

4.Western Onion

5. Bank Local Transfer   

How to book

  • specify the package that you want to select
  • complete the form that we have provided , include your email address , in order to simplify our team to receive and reply to all the requests that you want , and also so that we can immediately process it
  • When all the requests that you send to us , we will immediately processing
  • Before that we will , asserted again , what is your message for your holiday comfort
  • You can reindex hotel / villa where you live in Bali , if you already have a place to stay , so we can pick up at your hotel addressed , if not ad shelter, you can leave it blank
  • Once everything is complete , we will send confirmation of booking / confirmation of payment , you need to pay us

Booking cancellation policy :

  • Cancellation within one day before the client makes/take a package, we charge 50 % cancellation fee of the total price .
  • No -Show will be charge for 100 % of the payment TOTAL

Privacy Policy :

  • Booking tour you send is abolutely very safe . All your personal data will be processed in secure.understanding privacy of personal data that you send , we process seriously , stressed again all your personal data will only be used to facilitate booking you want.









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