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Waterbom is perfect for holidays with the whole family,

relatives,friends and girlfriend.



Bali Waterbom Adventure one water attractions owned by ( BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD ) which is a water tourism on the island of Bali , with a variety of activities to enjoy the water slides exciting and very challenging adrenaline slicing through 3 hectares of beautiful tropical gardens provide a variety attractive package to try and follow. Water attractions waterbom very fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart and also tours with family.


Waterbom Bali , the biggest water recreational facility in Bali , located in the Kuta area of ​​Bali , Waterbom Bali has more than 20 waterslides are fun and skate through 3.8 hectares .


Waterbom is perfect for holidays with the whole family , relatives , friends and girlfriend . With a choice of dining outlets , a swimming pool to relax and mini bar to enjoy a refreshing drink .


Skating games and world-class rides are built and maintained under the supervision of international safety standards . Waterbom Bali using a salt chlorination with water sanitation sophisticated technique that is safe for you and your family. Admission tickets valid for 1 day ( special bracelet will be given to each visitor in order to facilitate the visitors out of the vehicle Waterbom ).


Big fun for the little ones - funky rides, water cannons and jets, body slides and more to certainly make tots go ecstatic.

Relax moms!These attractions are designed to be child safe and supervised at all times.


The price list along with profits below and explanations :





Bali Funtastic Package : 


Water attractions for small children only - funky rides, water cannons and jets, body slides, and others certainly makes tots away happy.This tour can make mothers more could Relax .Atraction is designed to be child safe and supervised at all times. 

Funtastic package that must be followed:

  • Adults should supervise children under 6
  • They are in the pool area should be barefoot
  • Children are encouraged to wear life jackets safety
  • Tubes & mats are prohibited in this area
  • Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal are not allowed on the slide
  • Single driver only one time
  • Do not form Chain

Attention: for safety reasons, pregnant women and people suffering from heart conditions or back problems should not ride.

Bali Package Climax


Water tourism is very fun and challenging.Insert a small space 16 meters above the ground and let the adrenalin consume your emotions so that you can master all the game, before the trap door right under your open and exposes you to a speed of 2.5 G -force.Your body takes you on a near vertical dip before looping back up and around.Physics This trip was only made to provide the thrill of a lifetime that you can not forget with your family. 

Regulations for this package:

  • High Minimum Req. 122 cm
  • Needs Weight 45 Kg

Bali Package Pipeline


Pipeline whisks is water that throughout the game by rotating and with a tube that is sure to make even the most adventurous heart race. Pipeline perched 20 meters high, just above the famous Climax very challenging extreme and adrenaline. Riders race through the winding and weaving the tube 150 meters about 10-13 seconds, experiencing some 3.5 gravity. Pipeline is the perfect fix for thrill seekers both young and old and sanga suitable for you and your family to vacation together on the island of Bali.

Regulations for this package:

  • Minimum height: 122 cm
  • One reader at a time

Bali Package Race Track


Race track Zip point is below the slide at lightning speed and feel the sensation of light when you go through as in air floated, and certainly very pleasant.Feel the flow of water, adrenaline and sweat makes you amazed.

Race Track are mandatory in participating :

  • Twin Bodyslide Race Track with 2 Drops
  • 1 or 2 riders at a time
  • The maximum speed of 50 km / h
  • High Minimum 120 cm

Bali Package Super Bowl

A thrilling watered down tube aqua picked up momentum when you get pulled through the enclosed slide at breathtaking speed.Emerging from the tunnel into a large skillet or known as the Superbowl!From here, you can be flushed down to splash into the pool.

Regulation :

  • Minimum Height 122 cm
  • The need for maximum weight 182 Kg

Package Bali Boogie Up

Provide an opportunity for those who Dare to go with your partner to go head to head with you on a parallel path with a special sled made mats and you will go head first to the race for glory!

Regulation :

 Minimum of 100 cm High

Bali Package Lazy River


Lazy river is a river you can drift along in a tube raft and heartrate lull you back to normal.Cascading waterfalls, the ripples languid and luxurious tropical foliage will help to screen you from confusion excitement very pleasant.

Lazy River that must be followed :

• Raft ride Placid Rivers Streams


  • Adult : USD 31



  • Child : USD 19 (2-12 years old)




  • Open daily : 09.00am – 18.00pm
  • Tickets are valid for a maximum of 3 months upon purchase date
  • No refund, no cancellation policy.
  • The above rates does not include Towels, Lockers, Gazebos, Euro-Bungy, Water Blaster, Spa Services or Food Beverages.
  • Tickets are include acces to all waterslide facilities, tubes and mats for full day
  • Same day re-entry is allowed.
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.




Terms Payment


We have 2 term of payment : 

1. Payment of cash for payment with cash , you can pay directly with the WATERBOOM company.

Note : if you are already in Bali. 

2. Payment Via Paypal

For payment Via paypal , you can see the first step in the menu Term Of Payment On our Website .

Note : It is suggested if you are still in your country , 50 % Advance at the time booking and deal we will process requests for your further.And you can see on the menu Term Of Payment On our website .and Follow step by step methode of payment. 

3.Payment with other currencies will convert based on the daily exchange rate.

4.Western Onion

5. Bank Local Transfer  

How to book

  • specify the package that you want to select
  • complete the form that we have provided , include your email address , in order to simplify our team to receive and reply to all the requests that you want , and also so that we can immediately process it
  • When all the requests that you send to us , we will immediately processing
  • Before that we will , asserted again , what is your message for your holiday comfort
  • You can reindex hotel / villa where you live in Bali , if you already have a place to stay, so we can pick up at your hotel addressed , if not ad shelter, you can leave it blank
  • Once everything is complete , we will send confirmation of booking / confirmation of payment , you need to pay us


Booking cancellation policy :

  • Cancellation within one day before the client makes/take a package, we charge 50 % cancellation fee of the total price .


  • No Show will be charge for 100 % of the payment TOTAL


Privacy Policy :

  • Booking tour you send is abolutely very safe . All your personal data will be processed in secure.understanding privacy of personal data that you send , we process seriously , stressed again all your personal data will only be used to facilitate booking you want.


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