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Bali Cooking Class

Bali cooking class we will invite you to learn, how to cook a variety of foods, ranging from Indonesian food to the typical food genuine Bali, you should not hesitate to choose the class cooking here, because we join with the company cooking class which is famous in Bali , and the food is food that is often eaten by the people of Bali in general, ranging from Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian in bali cooking class, and with prescription Bumbu bali which has been prepared with organic ingredients that directly we are looking at the source, ie as looking in the garden, in the traditional market, sambal we see how people interact with local people out there, and see the local Air lading / gardening in the fields.

Bali cooing in your class and your family  be included to participate cook to learn the secrets of cooking Indonesian food, especially authentic Balinese cuisine. You now have the opportunity to complete a good experience to learn to cook the traditional way of Bali.


Here you will be guided by the Bali local chef who will always accompany you, when the program cooking class takes place, later you will be guided to buy directly ingredients cuisine that will be used to cook a meal that will be created, before that you will be in introduce materials typical food of Bali, which is often in use by the local Balinese cooking, then proceed to the garden to look for food ingredients are still fresh, of course you yourself will do that, here too, you will be guided to a more familiar culture Bali real, as see all activities local people of Bali.


After a long spell out to look for materials, so we go back immediately to listen to the briefing given by the chef, and here will let you know how the Balinese cooking, and also in introduce tool cooking utensil traditional Bali until still in use today, you do not need to hesitate with all the dishes you make, because all the dishes you will be assisted by an experienced chef, from cooking to try your own dishes can do,very happy.and  more info please contact us / 6281238879210 / webmail

The price list along with profits below and explanations : 



Morning 08.30AM and Afternoon  03.30 PM



These are all programs bali cooking class program that will follow during class lasts :


v  visiting the traditional markets in local villages , to see the daily activities within , fresh vegetables , fresh fruit and spices used for cooking

v  Learn about the irrigation system in rice fields , commonly use in ricefield in bali island

v  a place to cook and eat a wonderful place , namely traditional Balinese kitchen

v  greeted by a friendly and courteous staff who will always help you during the cooking process takes place

v  Creating a offering temple that you can try to make other name Balinese cymbol / banten bali

v  Create Tradisional Bali Coffe , or make your own

v  cooking with coconut oil original bali

v  Making traditional Balinese spice used to make dishes bali / sambal matah bali

v  You will learn a lot with bali experienced local chef .

v  In bali cooking class is no need experience to be able to participate

v  350.000/person

v  5 % from your Money for Bali Child School

v  Free shuttle service for Ubud centre

v  Morning 08.30AM and  Afternoon  03.30 PM






v  Soup Ayam Jamur ( Chicken soup with mushroom )

v  Tempe Lalah Manis ( Spiced and sweet fried tempe )

v  Tahu Kare ( Tofu curry with Balinese spices )

v  Sate Lilit ( Minced of spices fish skewer )

v  Pepes Tuna ( Grilled fish in banana leaf )

v  Lawar Bali ( Mix Vegetable with Balinese spices )

v  Sambal Matah ( Raw spices with coconut oil )

Dadar Gulung ( Rolled cake with coconut & palm sugar )

Gado-Gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce).

Main course
Nasi Kuning (yellow rice).

Sate Lilit (minced of spices fish skewer).

Pepes Ikan (grilled fish in banana leaf).

Ayam Bumbu Bali (Balinese fried chicken).


Soup Timun (fresh cucumber, black bean in turmeric broth).

v  Vegetable Soup ( Assorted vegetable with lemongrass )

v  Tempe Lalah Manis ( Spiced and sweet fried tempe )

v  Tahu Kare ( Tofu curry with Balinese spices )

v  Sate Tempe ( Soybean cake skewer with peanut sauce )

v  Pepes Tahu ( Soybean curd grilled in banana leaf )

v  Lawar Bali ( Mix Vegetable with Balinese spices )

v  Sambal Matah ( Raw spices with coconut oil )

v  Dadar Gulung ( Rolled cake with coconut & palm sugar )

Tumis Kangkung (Stir Fried Water Spinach).
Tofu and Tempe Sate with Vegetable.

Tom Tofu and Spinach (steam tofu in Banana leaf).

Balinese Coconut Curried Vegetables

Kolak Pisang (braised banana saba in palm sugar gravy).

v  Menu Non Vegetarian



Terms Payment


We have 4 term of payment :

1. Payment of cashfor payment with cash , you can pay directly with the  Bali cooking class company.Note : if you are already in Bali.
2. Payment Via Paypal

For payment Via paypal , you can see the first step in the menu Term Of Payment On our Website .Note : It is suggested if you are still in your country , 50 % Advance at the time booking and deal we will process requests for your further.And you can see on the menu Term Of Payment On our website .and Follow step by step methode of payment. 
3.Payment with other currencies will convert based on the daily exchange rate.
4.Western Onion
5.Bank Local Transfer  

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Booking cancellation policy :

  • Cancellation within one day before the client makes/take a package, we charge 50 % cancellation fee of the total price .
  • No -Show will be charge for 100 % of the payment TOTAL


Privacy Policy :

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