Subak Bali Trekking

The main temple is located on a cliff and surrounded by views of the Indian Ocean


Rambut  Siwi Temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in Bali, located in the village of Yeh Embang Kangin, District Mendoyo, Jembrana in western Bali. It takes about 2 hours from Denpasar to go to the western part of Bali or 30 minutes from the State. It's easy to get to this temple from Denpasar and just simply follow the main road towards Gilimanuk. On the way to Gilimanuk, after entering the district of Jembrana, you will find a temple on the left side, where most of the riders to stop his vehicle at this place. Rambut  Siwi is a beautiful Hindu temple, situated on the edge of the cliff, with the Indian Ocean which is widely spread in front of him. Rambut  Siwi Temple itself is the location of many ceremonies and religious activities in the Hindu calendar in Bali.

Rambut  Siwi Temple building is located beside the main road Denpasar to Gilimanuk. We can see all the vehicles driven by local Hindus would pause at this temple to pray to the Lord to be given safety during their trip. This is done also by people in other temples in Bali such as Pura Goa Lawah and Pura Pulaki.

Owned by the sensational scenery of this temple when looking out to sea and down the temple or on the beach looking toward the temple. The main temple is located on a cliff and surrounded by views of the Indian Ocean. From the top of the cliff, we can see the old temple building under and located right on the waterfront. In addition, a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean blue will add to the impression your thoughts. The atmosphere in this place is very quiet and good for restoring our minds.

Rambut  Siwi temple opened for tourist destinations in western Bali and a great place to visit during your holiday in Bali. This is one of the tourist destinations in Bali or any of the places of interest in Bali.

Cost to visit Rambut Siwi reasonably priced and a very good way to spend your day in Bali, especially at sunset at this place Rambut  Siwi temple away from the crowds and is an alternative to a visit compared to Tanah Lot temple is the most visited temples in Bali. But you must be willing to travel longer to enjoy the tranquility in this Rambut Siwi.



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