Subak Bali Trekking


Tegenungan Waterfall location is located in the town of Gianyar Bali and is also the closest to the city of Denpasar and the only waterfall that is located not in the highlands or mountain

Tegenungan Waterfall in the village Kemenuh, sub-district Sukawati, Gianyar Waterfall in Tukad Petanu River is quite unique. The distance is only about 16 km from Denpasar or 30 minutes drive.

Although not so high (height only about four meters), discharge water is very swift. The water is also clean and clear. Tegenungan Waterfall natural scenery around Tegenungan Waterfall quite beautiful.Residents around often bathe and fetch water for daily consumption in these baths, to reach Tegenungan Waterfall, from the parking lot, you have to descend hundreds of steps and along the banks of the river Tukad Petanu. At the time down to the waterfall, it may not be too draining. However, when I had returned to the parking lot, your physical endurance tested enough.

Denpasar point of your vehicle towards Stanger / Gianyar. After passing Sukawati Art Market, continue your trip until arriving at the intersection with a red light and there is a direction to Tegenungan. From the intersection, you turn right as far as 1500 meters, and arrived at Niagara Tegenungan.

Waterfall tour Tegenungan lack of care, so impressed less neat and clean. This can be seen when you've arrived at the parking of vehicles. Along the river area, too many trees felled and there was trash scattered about.





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