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Flanked by the surrounding forest and because it is located in the highlands makes it cool temperate lake environment.

Tamblingan Lake is a lake located on the north slope of Mount Dimples, Gobleg Village area, District Banjar, Buleleng, Bali. This lake is one of three twin lakes were formed in a large caldera. In the east in a row are Lake Buyan and Lake Beratan. Flanked by the surrounding forest and because it is located in the highlands makes it cool temperate lake environment.

Lake in the Village area this Gobleg, in addition to storing the history of civilization is also full of mystery. The history of civilization, especially since the reign of King Ugrasena in the 11th century. Proved a temple site on the hillside surrounding the lake, diempon, not only by society but also mnasyarakat Buleleng, Tabanan. Pleased with that, not excessive if Buleleng regency kawaan glance this temple as a spiritual and historical tourist areas, as well as in the tourist area of ​​sacred silence.


Of history is mentioned, century 10M to 14M Tamblingan Lake neighborhood is residential center located in Mount Dimples south lake. For some reason the population then moved to four different areas that the distance is still adjacent to the lake area. The fourth village was then called the Village Chess, which means the four villages, namely Munduk, Gobleg, Gesing, and Umejero. The four villages have a spiritual bond and have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the sanctity of the lake and a temple in the vicinity.

According to historical evidence, thousands years ago, the region was never a very orderly community life. Both in terms of governance, economic governance and socio-cultural. It can be seen from the discovery of inscriptions some time ago.

In terms of topography, this region is the catchment areas that are naturally shed various welfare resources in the region every aspect of Bali. Because, in this area there are still sustainable forest and three lakes as a source of life.

As one of the natural attractions, Lake Tamblingan not developed in the direction of modern tourism in order to preserve nature and the environment. Which became the main attraction of this place is not only its natural charm, but also because of the many temples that stores the history and development of civilization and culture of Bali, particularly concerning the formation and development of the village Tamblingan.

Tamblingan name comes from two words in Bahasa Bali, Tamba means drugs, and Elingang means memory or spiritual abilities. It added, in Purana Lontar god Kutara Kanda Bangsul that people in the region is said to have exposed to the plague epidemic. As a way out someone who purified and then down to the small lake at the bottom of the village to fetch water for the drug. Thanks to prayer and his spiritual abilities, water was then used as a medicine and can cure the villagers. Said Tamba and Elingang this gradually becomes Tamblingan. When the "duet leadership" Buleleng Putu Gede Bagiada and Ward, Buleleng regency government talked Tamblingan lake area as a spiritual and historical tourist areas, by setting up a few horses at the border of Lake Tamblingan. According Wabup Buleleng that time, Gede Wardana horse management will be handed over to indigenous peoples around the fund as a first step the introduction of this natural attractions. Later in addition to horses, transport what-was not allowed to enter the area of ​​the lake. According to Ward, the prospect of structuring Tamblingan become a tourist attraction spiritual and horse riding is very bright. Indeed, the use of transport riding in a green area of ​​Lake Tamblingan been started since the time of the ancestors. Buleleng society in ancient times often make browsing protected forest by riding a horse. When Lake Tamblingan revived become a tourist attraction spiritual comfortable and beautiful, the area itself was not disrupted air pollution .

 In addition to tourist activities in general, Lake Tamblingan also be focused at the center of spiritual activities like penance, yoga to increase faith and piety people who came to that place. Determination Lake Tamblingan as a center of spiritual activity is expected to instill the concept of Tri Hita Karana thinking among the people Buleleng. ''Because, besides saving the sacred values, appropriate public confidence Bali, Lake Tamblingan also called Sunan universe Bali as one of the ancestral heritage ". 

On the other hand, former Kadisbudpar Buleleng Ida Bagus Puja Erawan explained, has the potion-signs attractions Lake Tamblingan management through Regent Decree 100/2003. According to him, the management of the natural attractions that have fully addressed quite interesting panorama village offices. Funds coming from the management of a tourist attraction stretcher, 50 percent of incoming cash and the remaining villages again deposited to the local treasury.

As nature ,Lake Tamblingan pollution-free by banning visitors using motorized canoes.Moreover,Jetsky , spedboat and the like , in order to remain sustainable and beautiful panorama .It is desirable,community visitors to use traditional means of transport such as boats.

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