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Lovina Beach is the most famous dolphin jump seen in the open sea at close range using fishing boats you can rent directly there.


Lovina beach is one of the tourist sites in the northern part of the island of Bali. This beach included in region of Buleleng , Singaraja , with its capital . The main attraction of this beach is a calm sea water , suitable for water recreation such as swimming , diving , snorkeling , sailing , fishing , or just enjoy the atmosphere of the sea . In addition, the tourist spot is also famous for live performances dolphins in the sea . Visitors can see the dolphins playing in the ocean with a little boat ride to the center.

Lovina history , certainly can not be separated by the figure of the Son of the Great Flag Tisna . Name Flag Tisna often written Pandji Tisna . Around the 1950s , Anak Agung Flag Tisna , never traveled to several countries in Europe and Asia . What concerns him is the life of the community , especially in India . He stayed several weeks in Bombay . Way of life and the condition of the people there , necessarily affects the way he thought and insight ahead to Bali , especially the development of public welfare in Buleleng .

Meanwhile , Flag Tisna also see a beautiful laid out place for people on vacation at the beach . The land has in common with his estate in Midget Tukad Beach , Buleleng which is also located between two streams . Inspiration Flag Tisna appeared to build a resort like that .


Lovina Beach is the most famous dolphin jump seen in the open sea at close range using fishing boats you can rent directly there .

To see the show dolphin of course you have to get up early because the mammals usually appear in the morning from 6 to 9 am. and do not expect to be able to see these mammals because no one can guarantee, it all depends on natural factors. The best time is april -oktober ..

Boat Rental rates Lovina Beach

Rate Looking for dolphin at Lovina beach may change at any time according to the information obtained boat rental rates to see the dolphins at Lovina Beach Rp. 60,000 maximum 4-5 people in the boat because the boat is not too big. In addition you can also rent snorkeling equipment for Rp. 60,000.

Lovina Beach Hotel and Culinary

For hotel or inn in Lovina Beach you do not have to worry much available cheap hotels near beach lovina of jasmine to class luxury hotel just how do you choose the right accommodation for you. In addition to the affairs of the stomach are also many food stalls available at Lovina Beach.



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