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The unique places sacred and historic high which is still present in the area of ​​Batuan Village People in Middle Village, Batuan Village, District Sukawati, Gianyar Bali

Puseh batuan  temple is one of the unique places sacred and historic high which is still present in the area of ​​Batuan Village People in Middle Village, Batuan Village, District Sukawati, Gianyar Bali. Puseh rock temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali which was built in 1022 AD 944 Caka . Puseh temple stands majestically on the north side of the village of rocks and looks very beautiful and artistic.

Besides having the feel of a sacred history and religious high spiritual vibration,Puseh temple  These rocks also has a fairly long history, because in the Puseh temple These rocks are ancient relics comes from prehistoric times. Because it was found many statues in the temple Puseh this, and is based on a number of statues found in Pura Puseh, then it can be classified into several types, namely statues Dwarapala, statues of animals, statues embodiment, statues holding a chicken, phallus, objects such as kala, peripih and others.

To enter into the temple that is located on the edge of Highway This rock does not need to buy the tickets, but the visitors are expected to contribute to help the maintenance of the temple, which ranges from Rp. 10,000 per person. Bigger is better.

The outside of Puseh Pura Pura Desa Batuan has carved ornaments are sophisticated, delicate and beautiful. This old temple reportedly has undergone several renovations to arrive at its current form.

At the time of the beginning of the arrival of the Hindu cultural influence to Bali made of natural stones that surround this temple as a place of worship, both the worship of ancestors and worship the Hindu gods. Pura Puseh rocks is included into heaven Three temple, temple in the middle of the page there is a grand and bale bale length called Bale Kulkul while in the entrance there Kori Agung is quite high and it is typical Balinese building. Kori Agung serves as the exit and entry of the gods in the form pratima (small sculptures) and flanked by many giant sculpture shaped guard.

While the next Kori Agung are 2 small door that serves as the entry point for people going towards the main temple courtyard. And on the main page, there are several temples and Meru overlap bale three, Padmasana building that serves as a place of worship to Sang Hyang Widhi, and the last in the backyard there is wantilan ancient temple. To satisfy the visitors who love to be the performing arts, especially dance, in the temple area also made the stage as a staging Dance Gambuh.

One bale Puseh batuan temple at  Desa Batuan with three very beautiful painting with golden carved wood. This painting seems to depict the third play-Ngruni Ngruna or Batara Surya Krama.The full story can be read in this JavaDwipa blog tells the story of Batara Surya who received the angel brothers and Dewi Dewi Ngruna Ngnini as his wife. Meanwhile Kastapi Goddess, Princess Vishnu, yielded two bird eggs in her marriage with Bhirawan.On the orders of Guru, the eggs were given to Dewi Dewi Ngruna and Ngruni. The eggs hatch into Ngruna Dewi owned two birds, whose parents named Sempati and young named Jatayu. Eggs belonging to Dewi Ngruni hatch into a big snake, named Dragon Gombang, and a small snake named Sawer Wisa.Narrated, Dewi Dewi Ngruna condemned raseksi Ngruni become angry because when Dragon Gombang and Sawer Wisa second bird pecked to defend Goddess Ngruni losers compete ingenuity. Dewi Ngruni ran to meet Batara Surya, and on the advice of her husband, the goddess Vishnu Ngruni then meet Together.Meanwhile heaven overwhelmed invaded King Sengkan derivatives and giant army of the Kingdom Parangsari, who wants Goddess Ngruna and Ngruni to be the queen. Vishnu also promised to meruwat Goddess Ngruni and restore it to its original form, but he had to kidnap Retna Jatawati, daughter of King Sengkan derivatives

With the assistance of Jatayu, managed to bring Dewi Dewi Ngruni Jatawati, and Jatayu also managed to destroy the army of giants and defeated King Sengkan derivatives.With the assistance of Jatayu , managed to bring Dewi Dewi Ngruni Jatawati , and Jatayu also managed to destroy the army of giants and defeated King Sengkan derivatives .As an expression of gratitude , Vishnu confers Retna Jatawati to be his wife by Jetayu . Dewi Ngruni back into a beautiful angel and becomes the wife Batara Surya back .In the painting above Vishnu depicted riding a bull , although known as a bull mounts Batara Shiva , while the mount is Garuda Wisnu . But at the edge of the ceiling there is also a statue of eagle in the usual position ridden Vishnu .Structuring the temple in containers is quite good and the beautiful , ornaments found in temple building is beautiful enough to make this temple visited by tourists . To support the traveler quite crowded datangya then around the temple has been there Which facility allows travelers as providers of food and drink stalls , toilets and adequate parking area . 





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