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The famous Uluwatu Temple is a remarkable architecture in black coral rock, beautifully designed with spectacular scenery



Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu temple located on the edge of the cliff on the southern peninsula of Bali. This temple is one of heaven Sad temples in Bali (six big groups of Bali Temples), located in Pecatu Village, District of South Kuta, Badung, or about 25 km in the south of Denpasar. This temple is located on the reef, approximately 80 meters above sea level. There is also a small dry forests are often called Alas Kekeran (forbidden forest), which is part of the temple and is inhabited by many monkeys and other animals. Uluwatu name is derived from the word meaning Ulu Watu head and means stone. Therefore Uluwatu Temple mean the temple built at the tip of the reef.


Mpu Kuturan , a Hindu Priest of Java, founded this temple in the 10th century. In the 15th century a great pastor Nirartha or Danghyang Dwijendra, choose Uluwatu as the last place in the world, history records that Nirartha attain moksha (union with God) when meditating in Uluwatu. Legend also tells us that Nirartha was the architect of the beautiful temples, as well as many other major temples in Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.

Behind the main Meru (pagoda) at Uluwatu Temple, there is a limestone statue of the embodiment of Brahman that sees the Indian Ocean, said the statue is the embodiment of Nirartha. Inside the temple complexes are believed to be the boat that belonged Nirartha when traveling from Java.


The famous Uluwatu Temple is a remarkable architecture in black coral rock, beautifully designed with spectacular scenery. Famous not only for its unique position, Uluwatu also one of the oldest temples in Bali. Being a popular surfing spot for people who are very experienced, Uluwatu offers a wonderful vantage point to see the spectacular sunset. Small stalls lined the cliffs offers a comfortable place to look at the Indian Ocean were extraordinarily broad. Monkeys inhabit the temple and the cliff with a face full of hope for a banana or nuts from the visitors.

It's easy to find Pura Uluwatu, where you can get with any kind Vechicle.have a good road passing through the village of Jimbaran and go with one road to this temple. About 45 minutes from Nusa Dua, or 1 hour of Kuta or Tuban. Of Nusa Dua, going through a hilly road passes through Pecatu. If you are from Kuta, then you will go through Kedonganan and Jimbaran to bring you here.





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