Subak Bali Trekking



One of the beautiful beaches of the many beautiful beaches on the southern island of Bali, with a waterfront location close to the beach Dreamland and Uluwatu

Balangan beach is a beach that has a bright blue color of the coast, and also one of the beautiful beaches and charming in the southern part of the island Bali, balangan beach is very close to other attractions such as the beach dreamland, and also the temple of Uluwatu you can visit. Balangan beach is also surrounded by the cliff that makes the beach more beautiful and charming. Access to the beach is not so difficult because it made the stairs wide enough for tourists. Balangan beach atmosphere unspoiled and fresh air, especially not much visited by tourists. This beach is very famous and a favorite to play windsurf .In the beautiful coastal scenery, Balangan Beach is also often used for pre-wedding photos. Moreover around the coast there are many inns and hotels, so if you want quiet atmosphere, you can choose to stay around Balangan beach. enjoy the beautiful beach dreamland. Balangan beach has white sand surrounded by a fairly large limestone cliffs towering. To get to the beach Balangan could be one way to Dreamland Beach, because the location is not too far from the coast.

Because of its location adjacent to Dreamland beach, at low tide when the waves, you can walk down the beach towards the region. better wear sandals because the many sharp rocks, you can see the players surfing (surfers) play with big waves with a distance of 5-10 meters.Its location is on Jl. Balangan Beach, Kuta Sel., Badung, Bali 80361.




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