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Bajra Sandhi Monument

Hindu story during playback Mount Mandara Giri by the Gods and the Giants to get Tirta Amertha or Holy Water of Life


The monument is located in Renon Square neighborhood which is certainly very interesting for everyone because the place is well maintained and clean and complete with a tower that soars into the sky that has a beautiful Balinese architecture. The location of this monument is also very strategic because it is located in front of the Office of the Governor of Bali which is also in front of the Bali Provincial Parliament precisely in the Field Niti Mandala Renon. This place is a battle between the people of Bali the time of independence against occupying forces. This war is known as "war Puputan" which means all-out war. This monument was established to pay homage to the heroes and a symbol of respect for the struggle of the people of Bali.

The museum became a symbol of the people of Bali to honor the heroes and a symbol of seedbeds preservation of life struggle of the people of Bali from generation to generation and from age to age, as well as the symbol of the spirit to retain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. It can be seen from 17 stairs at the main entrance, 8 poles in the building grand monuments and monuments that rose as high as 45 meters.

Bali People Struggle Museum ( Bajra Sandhi ) blaze in 1980 that originated from the idea of ​​Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra who was the governor of Bali . He sparked the initial idea of the museum and the monument to the struggle of the people of Bali . Then in 1981 , held the monument design competition , which was won by Ida Bagus Yadnya , he is a student of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Udayana architecture . Then in 1988 conducted groundbreaking and for more than 13 years of construction of the monument was completed . In 2001 , the physical building of the monument is finished . A year later , charging monument diorama and environmental regulation is done . In September 2002 , Bali Governor Decree on the appointment of the Head of Monument UPTD implemented.And finally , on August 1, 2004 , the public service in general is opened , after the June 2003 inauguration of the monument made ​​by the President at the time, namely Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri .

The museum forms taken by Hindu story during playback Mount Mandara Giri by the Gods and the Giants to get Tirta Amertha or Holy Water of Life.Named Bajra Sandi Museum This museum forms such as Bajra or Genta worn by Hindu religious leaders in the accompanying pronunciation recite the mantra at the time of the ceremony Hinduism. As for the parts that are important in this museum are as follows:

• Museum of towering buildings symbolize Mount Mandara Giri

• Jar Amertha symbolized in the form of Kumba (pot) right upper part of the museum.

• dragon wrapped around the museum symbolizes the Naga Basuki used as rope preformance playback Mandara Giri.

• Turtles located at the bottom of the museum is a symbol of Bedawang Akupa used as the base playback Mandara Giri.

• Swimming contained around the museum is a symbol of the Ocean of Milk surrounding Mandara Giri home to the Holy Water of Life or Tirtha Amertha. 









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