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Before we explain the LEMBONGAN FAST BOAT  which might have been very popular in the eyes of the world are as ship crossing very quickly to achieve the goals we want to Visit. We 'll explain a little about Lembongan island and what can be found when vacationing in Lembongan island.

Bali was as the island's best and most favorite place to travel around the world. Because of the variety of beautiful places in Bali developed into tourist attractions.
One of the new tourist area that is now widely known is the beauty of the island of Nusa Lembongan.

Nusa Lembongan Island is a small island of the row of three islands located in the southeast of Bali, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Lembongan Island is the best of the other two islands. This island including the Klungkung regency and its position is separated by Badung Strait from the island of Bali.

Although only a small island, Nusa Lembongan capable of presenting a wide range of recreational facilities. we will be greeted white sandy beaches with crystal clear sea and various types of colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs and diverse colors.Environment is still beautiful and equipped with several facilities, ready to pamper you to enjoy the beauty of this island. Such as hotels, bungalows, restaurants, performing arts, Attraction to sea to dive and see the beauty of coral reefs in the very beautiful beach and great for the holidays with your family.

There are several points common locations that can be visited in Nusa Lembongan, such as villages and craft markets. There are also several resorts available in Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan village there is also a seaweed cultivation. Most of the population in Nusa Lembongan is seaweed farmers. And also that no less intriguing is the name you will visit Goa Gala The beautiful and Goa have already existed in the past that are still antique and beautiful to visit.

In this village you can also do actifities like Diving, Snorkeling and other water actifities. If you depart from the island of Bali, tourists can use a motor boat from Sanur Beach about 2 hours sailing towards Jungutbatu in Nusa Lembongan. Another alternative is from Benoa Harbour about 1.5 hours.

From Benoa Harbour Nusa Lembongan to the area that is now the mainstay of Bali is LEMBONGAN FAST BOAT that can quickly and safely to deliver you to get on the island of Nusa Lembongan.

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