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Black Sand Beach in Tabanan,Bali,Indonesia

Tabanan beach at this store various ancient myths very interesting to know. One is the myth of a rock surrounded by sand and sea water

Soka Beach is a beach in Tabanan, located in the village of Antap, District Selemadeg, Bali. To get to this location required distance of about 60 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar or approximately 2 hours away by car. For those of you that there is no vehicle, you can rent a car or a motorcycle in a rental vehicle. The price offered by the car rental in Bali are usually relatively cheap ranging from 50-175 thousand / day. Soka Beach location is strategically located on the main road because the Java-Bali have very beautiful panorama is one reason why the beach in Tabanan attractions must be visited. If we look to the west we can see the hills are very soothing eye, these hills concatenated into one with a mountain Batukaru north. In the East we can see the highest mountain in the island of Bali is Mount Agung and the most impressive is the view of the Indian Ocean in the south. As far as the eye can see we can see the expanse of blue sea that can reconcile hearts. If the weather is very sunny and we were fortunate, from a distance we can see Blambangan (Banyuwangi) in Java. But the most beautiful scenery on the beach in Tabanan This is when the late afternoon, when the sun will set. Reddish orange colored horizon is the main attraction for beautiful beach Soka which makes it inferior to Kuta Beach which is enough to have a name.

Tabanan beach at this store various ancient myths very interesting to know. One is the myth of a rock surrounded by sand and sea water, measuring approximately 3 m, around ordinary people call it "Payuk Kebo Iwa." Payuk means pot, a device used for cooking and Kebo Iwa himself a puppet characters already familiar sound in the ears of the people of Bali. The natives there believe that it is stoneware which formerly belonged to Kebo Iwa. On its western side, there is a reasonably sized big rock , shaped exactly like a native kitchen. According to the myths, there the former Kebo Iwa cooking by using the her pot. Judging from the public eye, it is very reasonable for a large pot and Kebo Iwa were supposedly according to legend is a youth Bali with high body size large, robust and powerful. Soka Beach on the east side there is a cave in the cliff, called the Power Bulung cave. Goa has become nests for swallows. On the feast day and the full moon (Purnama) beach is crowded by visitors and by Hindus who came to carry out religious ceremonies.

Area attractions Soka Beach has a very large parking lot . Here are also available a few stalls and a restaurant as a place to unwind after enjoying the scenery . One of them was Soka Indah restaruant that provides a wide range of foods and beverages . Need to know, for tourists who want to visit this place is not subject to contribution money at all , either for parking or admission.For those who enjoy fishing into the sea , can join the local fishermen , using traditional boats that use outboard engine or screen . So if you are interested to visit here ? Immediately state the name Soka Beach into your trip.Soka Beach , beach in Tabanan with an abundance of beauty. Have a good vacation. 




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