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The most unique tradition in the fifth sasih until Kesanga is holding rejang or pesutri and gojekan held every day in circles or around Puseh Pura Desa Batuan



Batuan village is located in the center of the island about 10 kilometers ( 6.2 miles) south of Ubud and approximately 15 kilometers ( 9.3 miles) northeast of Denpasar Sukhawathi village adjacent to the north ( the famous art center )




Immemorial village called Batuan village Baturan which is one of the ancient villages in Bali. Baturan village has existed since the reign of Sri Aji Dharmapangkaja Wira Dalem Kesari dynasty Warmadewa. According to the inscription in the temple Hyang Tibha in Hamlet Blahtanah, Desa Batuan Kaler, which is approximately the year 829 Saka or 907 AD mentions in the village there is Pura Hyang Baturan Baturan, now called Pura Desa Adat Puseh rocks. Grandeur in this temple worships Lord Vishnu is called as a custodian of this great Bhuana.

Batuan village is also often used as an object of study by anthropologists the world such as Professor Gertz and Professor Hildred of the United States. Objects - archaeological objects stored behind the temple made of authentic boutique into evidence Pura Hyang Baturan now called Puseh Pura Desa Batuan. Other evidence obtained in the inscriptions Saka year approximately 944 or 1022 AD mentions about the time of King Paduka Aji Sri Dharmawangsa Ward Marakata Pangkaja Sthano Tungga master Gods Bali. Descendants of Desa Batuan carry out protests, residents objected to be taxes imposed by araja, because all the people already carry a great responsibility as the custodian of the temple and pesraman

Along with the development of the times, this time Batuan Village consists of 8 Banjar Adat namely, Br. Puaya, Br. Jeleka, Br. Central, Br. Pekandelan, Br. Peninjoan, Br. Jungut, Br. Dlodtunon and Br. Dentiyis. There are also Banjar Tri dynasty in which residents of these hamlets are people - people who bramana caste, knights and Vaishya.

Since ancient times, Indigenous peoples have inherited a Batuan village Culture tradition that is considered important and sacred. Among other tradition I mean the tradition is held every eve sasih to 5, ie in this sasih sasih considered sacred and prone to disaster. Desa Batuan entire community neutralize the elements - this magical elements to deliver to the ceremony or yadnya relating to the sanctity of the village held a ceremony pecaruan which includes several levels. Depth is meant here is the level of pecaruan in Puseh Pura Desa Batuan which diamong or turns performed by banjo whose turn ngamong, pecaruan level at Pura Dalem, and pecaruan bebanjaran that pecaruan implemented by the karma train simultaneously.

The most unique tradition in the fifth sasih until Kesanga is holding rejang or pesutri and gojekan held every day in circles or around Puseh Pura Desa Batuan. Gojekan here a kind of percussion rah but the chicken used is small chicken and accompanied by a ceremony.Rejang or pesutri is performed by women, either adolescents or adults, this dance is considered sacred and associated with Ida Ratu Gede Mecaling story. Where in this sasih Ida Ratu Gede Mecaling believed to disturb the tranquility and safety of people and cause pancabaya. Pancabaya is meant here is 5-threatening situation for the community. Among Geni aged (fire), Bayu-aged (hurricanes), Ganges aged (flooding) and so on. Pesutrian held in upgrading Puseh Pura Desa Batuan or in wantilan Puseh Pura Desa Batuan. Usually every day every row that is expected to have pengayah pesutrian pesutrian nangkil and dance this dance.Movement of dance rock pesutrian the Village People was a little slower than the dance moves - another dance. Percussion or Traditional Music continues to be repeated - again until the end of the dancers peak at a designated place. End of gambelan usually marked with a struck gong or kempur hard.Told in ancient times every fifth sasih until Kesanga life in the village is very mysterious rocks. It said on sasih - sasih many people are missing and hear sounds - sounds strange unknown where it came the voice. According to the source from where the dance was held this pesutrian so that people can divert his mind on things - positive things and entertain themselves at this event.Rejang dance offerings pesutrian and gojekan have been completed at night when implemented Taur in Puseh Pura Desa Batuan. All of these offerings are not intended to apply to other Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa that he always menganugahi Bhuana General safety and its contents, kesukertan and kedirgayusan and does not occur Panca Baya feared by the public.






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