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Bali Tanahlot Temple

Tourist attraction in Bali , Indonesia . Here there are two temples are located on a large rock

Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction in Bali , Indonesia . Here there are two temples are located on a large rock . One located above the boulder and the other is located at the top of the cliffs similar to Uluwatu Temple . Pura Tanah Lot temple is part of Dang heaven. Pura Tanah Lot sea temple is a place of worship of the gods guard the sea . Tanah Lot, famous as a beautiful place to see the sunset.


Sights land lots located in Beraban , Kediri , Tabanan , about 13 kilometers south of the city of Tabanan . In the north Pura Tanah Lot , a another temple built on a cliff jutting into the sea . This cliff temple connect with the land and shaped like a bridge (arch ) . This temple called Pura Karang Bolong .


Open the ceremoney or feast at the temple is celebrated every 210 days , as well as other temples on normally . The fall close to the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan , precisely on Holy Day Cemeng Langkir Buda .

According to legend , this temple was built by a Brahmin who wander from Java , namely Nirartha successful will strengthen the trust of the population of Bali Hinduism and build the heaven Sad in the 16th century . At that time , the ruler Tanah Lot named Bendesa Beraben envy him because his followers started going to follow Nirartha . Bendesa Beraben then told Nirartha leaving Tanah Lot . Nirartha agreed , but before he had the strength to move Chunks of stone into the middle of the beach ( not into the sea ) and build a temple there . She also changed her shawl into a snake temple guards . These snakes are still there today and this snake scientifically including species of sea snakes that have characteristics such as flat -tailed fish , yellow and black stripes have 3 times more powerful venom of cobra . Finally mentioned that Bendesa Beraben a follower Nirartha. 





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