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Strong village is divided into seven villages and 12 custom banjo. approximately 15 minutes from the city of Tabanan

Alas kedaton attractions of Bali, is located in Kukuh village approximately 15 minutes from the city of Tabanan. Alas kedaton there is a unique temple has two very interesting.



The uniqueness of the latter is the temple yard Alas kedaton in which a place in purify be lower than the central courtyard and beyond. Alas Kedaton temple sanctum is surrounded by a forest inhabited by monkeys sacred by the people around the attractions of Bali. Alas kedaton other than live monkeys there are also a bunch of bats that live suspended,Kedaton temple has four entrances to the temple is from the west which is the main entrance of the others from the North, East and from South to all leading to the central courtyard. In contrast to other temples temples in Bali.


Alas Kedaton is located in the village of Massy District of Highways 15 minutes from the city of Tabanan. Strong village is divided into seven villages and 12 custom banjo. Most people cultivate the farm where most of the time used to cultivate other sectors such as carpentry, employee or worker.

The highlight of Alas Kedaton temple ceremony in the temple fell on Tuesday (Anggara) and thirty days after Galungan. Which meant ceremony begins at noon and must be completed before sunset. This temple is often called Pura Pura Dalem Kedaton or heaven. Attraction bali pedestal kedaton also inhabited by a bunch of monkeys who are docile, but if you Holidays Bali to kedaton needs to be aware of as well as macaque monkeys could have been nasty and luggage you should still note, this will greatly affect the Satisfied For Your Bali attraction Tour . After visiting Alas Kedaton monkey populations that are widely available , then we will invite you to visit the place where there is a very beautiful temple de surrounded by beaches and rocks.







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