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Barong dance is a traditional dance that is commonly characterized by mask large quadrupeds and costumes worn by one to two people

Barong Bali is one of so many art forms in Bali . Barong dance is a traditional dance that is commonly characterized by mask large quadrupeds and costumes worn by one to two people . This dance is a relic of pre - Hindu culture and tells the story of the most cliché thing , namely conflict between good and evil . Barong Although usually described as a tiger or a lion , there are many other types such as Barong BarongKeket , Pig , and Landung . Keket itself is a calf that the people of Bali is known as the King of the Forest by the name of King Banaspati.


Origins of Barong :

 The word "barong" is believed to arise from the word bahrwang which optionally can be interpreted as a bear. The bear is believed to be a mystical power, mythical animals that have the magic power high so revered as a protector.

Some sources say that the history of dance Barong Bali is an adaptation of the story of Chinese society, namely Lion, while others assume there is a very clear distinction between the Lion Dance and Barong where they think the Barong dance has a value of a good story, and not infrequently punctuated by humor fresh so can keep the audience to not get bored. The Barong dance tells the story most often told in folklore wherever that is about the battle between the good against the evil. Throughout the history of Balinese Barong dance, the good always depicted with the figure of Barong, four-legged beasts in which are controlled by two dancers. Malicious parties also always depicted with the same, namely Rangda, a figure similar to that creepy woman has two large fangs in his mouth.

 There are different views on the history of this Balinese Barong dance, where one view is that the Barong dance is an art that has long existed in Indonesia, an innate art of Austronesian. This view was also reported that the story played in the Barong dance is a story about BhataraPanceringJagat and his wife named RatuAyuPingit Basic Dalem. Other emerging view of itihasa Bali Barong Barong dance which emerged from the sacred story and not a fairy tale. Unbelievable story of Barong and Rangda is related to the story when looking Uma Shiva. The first time in the history of dance Barong Bali made the show is in the 19th century at which time the King of Klungkung that has a name or nickname Ida I Goddess Way called for a show whose shape is a puppet with a total of dancers around 36 people where most of the dancers earlier should act as forces of a monkey king and partly act as Ravana forces. The dancers are then required to wear masks and clothing made of fibers called braksok. Because of the popularity, the show was later named Barong BarongKadingkling or Blasblasan that if a visit to a village, it is believed that coconut trees in the village become extremely fertile. 

Types of Barong and Rangda in Barong Dance BaliIn the application and development of the Balinese Barong dance, there are several types of masks worn by the main dancer. The most commonly performed is the Barong Ket, a dance that his form looks like a mix between lions, tigers, and cows. Agency of Barong has carved ornaments made of leather and attached a mirror so it looks shiny. The feathers in Barong Keket body is also made of perasok, fibers from pandanus leaves similar to, fibers, in fact rarely made of feathers belonging to the crow. Barong second animal tangible, historically known as the barong Bangkal sometimes called Barong Celeng. As the name implies, this Barong has a shape that resembles a Bangkal or bangkung, a large pig which old age. Barong this type commonly performed on days sacred in a way carried around the village. The latter type of animal Barong BarongMacan is as the name implies, tangible tiger. One type Barong well-known by the people of Bali or outside Bali community. Ordinary staged manner paraded around the village and equipped with various equipment such as gamelan and other drama.

Barong other types of Barong Landung is no longer an animal and more like Ondel-ondel Jakarta. Stories covering Barong BarongLandung is a depiction of the King of the Kingdom of Bali named Jaya Pangus where he marry a Chinese princess named Kang Cing Wei. The story in staging Barong Landung centered on how the marriage between the two humans had not sanctioned by the gods because Jaya Pangus deemed to have violated customs and when it can not have offspring he went to Dewi Danu and made the property of the Goddess so that there was a dispute between his wife the goddess. 

 Besides Barong, the other party in the story Rangda Barong is described as the queen of the existing leak. Rangda is described frequently kidnap and kill small children and the head of an evil wizard to eradicate Barong. Like the Barong, there are several types of Rangda existing and RangdaNyinga first is shaped like a lion and his mouth slightly protruding to illustrate that the Rangda have properties such as lion wild. The second type is RangdaNyeleme whose faces are similar to humans in order signifies that the authoritative Rangda.






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