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The Hindu feast day is celebrated every year Saka New . This day falls on a count TilemKesanga( IX ) which is believed to constitute the purification of gods central Amrita ocean water that brings the essence of life





Nyepi is the Hindu feast day is celebrated every year Saka New . This day falls on a count TilemKesanga( IX ) which is believed to constitute the purification of gods central Amrita ocean water that brings the essence of life . For that Hindus worship sacred to them .

Nyepi is derived from the quiet ( silent , silent ) . Nyepi is actually a celebration of the Hindu New Year calendars / Cakacalendar , which began in 78 AD. Unlike the new year celebration AD , Saka New Year in Bali began to retreat . No activity as usual . All activities are eliminated , including public services , such as the International Airport was closed , but not to the hospital . The main purpose Nyepi is pleading before God Almighty , to cleanse Bhuana Alit ( human nature / Microcosmos ) and Bhuana General / macrocosmos ( the universe ) . Before Nyepi , there are several series of ceremonies that Hindus , particularly in the area of ​​Bali Melasti, Tawur (Pecaruan), and PengrupukanThree or two days before Nyepi, the Hindu people perform purification by performing Melasti ceremony also called Melis / Mekiyis. On that day, all means of worship in the temple (shrine) paraded to the beach or lake, because the sea or lake is a source of holy water (Tirta Amrita) and can purify all leteh (gross) in man and nature. The day before Nyepi, namely the "tilemsasihKesanga" (moon die 9th), Hindu ceremony Blind Yadnya at all levels of society, from each family, hamlets, villages, districts, and so on, by taking one one of the types caru (sort of offerings) according to his ability. Yadnya blind, each named PancaSata (small), Panca Relatives (medium), and Tawur (large). Tawur or pecaruan itself a purification / pemarisudaButa Kala, and all leteh (defilement) is expected to disappear all. Caru conducted in the home, each consisting of foreign rice (five) amounts to 9 duel color / package along with side dishes, such as chicken brumbun (colorful) accompanied by drumming wine / wine. Yadnya blind is addressed to the blind king, blind Kala and Kala, by pleading that they do not disturb people. 

Mecaru followed by pengerupukan ceremony, the spread-spread tawur rice, torch-obori home and around the yard, menyemburi house and yard with gunpowder, and hitting any objects (usually gong) to voice crowded / noisy. This stage is to expel Buta Kala of the home environment, yards, and the surrounding environment. Lodging in Bali, pengrupukan usually celebrated with ogoh-ogoh embodying Buta Kala who paraded around the neighborhood, and then burned. The goal is the same, namely expel Buta Kala from the surrounding environment. The next day, ie on pinanggal linings, sasihkedasa (1st, 10th month), actually came Nyepi. On this day the atmosphere as dead. No flurry of activity as usual. On this day Hindus carry out "CaturBrata" Penyepian comprising observe geni (no fiery / do not use or turn on the fire), observe work (not working), observe lelungan (not traveling), and observe lelanguan (not listen entertainment). As well as those who were also able to execute tapa, brata, yoga, and semadhi. So for the new period, actually begins with a new clean white page. To begin life in the new yearCaka else, this base is used, so that everything we do starts from there, pure and clean. Each person knowledgeable (the wruhingtattwa Jnana) implement brata (restraint of lust), yoga (linking soul with Paramatma (God)), tapa (endurance exercise suffer), and samadhi (oneness of God, the ultimate goal is the sanctity of the inner and outer)NgembakGeni( Ngembak Fire )The last series of the Saka New Year celebration is a day that falls on the GeniNgembak" pingpinanggalKalih " ( 2nd ) sasihkedasa ( X months ) . On this day the Saka New Year entering the second day . Hindus perform Dharma Shanti with a large family and neighbors , gave thanks and sorry forgive each other ( ksama ) with each other , to start the new year clean sheets . Core Tattwamasi Dharma Santi is a philosophy which holds that all human beings in all corners of the earth as the creation of Ida SanghyangWidhiWasa should love each other with one another , forgive all the mistakes and errors . Live in harmony and peace .




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