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marriage in the eyes of the people mentioned bali emotional and physical bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife



Pawiwahan (marriage; nganten, mesakapan, "WiwahaSamskara"; Grehasta) is traditional Hindu marriage customs in Bali (including the Manusayadnya). In marriage in the eyes of the people mentioned baliemotional and physical bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife,

with the aim to establish a family (household) are happy, harmonious and eternal based on God.



Wiwaha or nganten is a sacred bond and a lifetime commitment to become husband and wife and are the most powerful social bond between men and women.Wiwaha also a way to increase spiritual development.


Men and women are soulmates, through the marriage bond together again in order to become whole human beings because between the two can be mutually complementary.


Wiwaha should be based on mutual trust, mutual love, mutual giving and receiving, and share the responsibility equally, each vowing to always be faithful and not be split up.


Pawiwahan or customary marriage according to the rites of Bali is essentially the testimony presented to Ida Sang HyangWidhiWasa, God Almighty and to the public that the two persons concerned have committed themselves as husband and wife.


Some Means Pawiwahan mentioned include:

Segehan chopped five colors, takepApi (fire made from coconut fiber), tetabuhan (fresh water, wine, wine berem), Padengan-dengan` / `pekata-kalaan, Pejati,

Impromptu mat (small mat made from pandanus), pole (consisting of a hoe, cane, wood branch ends dadap containing pot, basket containing money), Bakul, Pepegatan consists of two branches dadap associated with white thread.


A series of ceremonies pawiwahan an endorsement because it involves three testimonies, namely:

Bhuta witnesses (mabeakala ceremony),

God witnesses (mapejati to implement the testimony presented to Sang HyangWidhi, ceremony with offerings natabpawiwahan, mapiuning in Sanggah / Merajan), and

Manusa witnesses (with the presence of the traditional village prajuru, bureaucrats, and relatives / other invitees).

To Order Wedding Ceremony :

1. The ceremony at the bride's house :

Masewaka / apply

Madik - woo


Mepamit in merajan / sanggah

2. The ceremony at the groom's house :


Mapiuning in Sanggah Surya

Ceremony Suddi - wadhani



Metapak by both parents , thank you and please blessing

.Mejaya - jayangaturangayaban

Natab squeeze sadampati

Pemuspaan / PrayerNunaswangsuhpada / Bija




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