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Bali Long Trip 12D-11N is one of the tour packages in the island of Bali which is very special when you have plenty of time to travel quite a long time, and you need to know your tour12D-11N is a journey that you need to try when you are on holiday on the island bali, and get the perfect package just in (BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD) that is Bali Tour Travel Operator, the package can be found here was the first day that pickup Airport in the airport Ngurah Rai Bali and we will invite you arrive at the hotel that you choose as where you stay.


 The second day Travel Tour in the eastern part of Bali island, such as Goa Lawah temple, KertaGosa, Tengenan Village, And see Barong And kris dance which the show is already very global, and also visit other places.


For the third day visiting the northern part of the island of Bali and East are visiting a sacred place that is very popular in foreign countries, namely Besakih temple is often called the Mother Temple, in because has thousands of temples in it, .In addition we will also invite you to visit Kintamani Village, namely with lovely to Batur Volcano and Lake Batur beautiful, there can also do lunch while seeing the sights Batur volcano and lake are beautiful with the family during a visit in Bali. and also a visit to Batur Temple is very grand and sacred.


And the fourth day you will visit and see a very magical place, such as seeing a show dolphin on the beach lovina very beautiful and to see it you need to hire a boat to get to the middle of the beach Lovina, and boat ticket is included in the price you pay, the fourth day is to visit places where there are lots of Dolphin you can see in the morning, and of course you have to start up early to see the show dolphins jumping Lovina.dan visiting beautiful beach Tamblingan Lake and also Banjar Hot spring Water.


And for the fifth day we will invite you to visit the Waterfall The island of Bali is GitgitWatefall very beautiful and you must visit when on vacation to the island of Bali, and elsewhere also are no less beautiful.


Six Special Day we will invite you to visit and participate to Adventure White Water Rafting at Ayung River around 2 Hours and Beyond Doing Treatment Spa Massage Around 1.5 Hours In places that have been determined by us.


Day Seven (No activity / activities you can do inside the hotel)


Day Eight is a trip to tour the area Tampaksiring Village which is famous for its history of its sacred sites such as Gunung Kawi Temple, TirtaEmpul Temple, Goa Gajah Temple, and in addition we will invite you to visit in the village famous for Waterfall Tegenungan not far from the village Ubud and then headed to the village of Kemenuh famous for carving wood antic and nice, during the trip we will also invite you to taste Bali in Bali Coffee Luwak Coffee Plantation, and Rice's last visit Ceking terrace In the village TegalalangUbud Bali.


Day Nine (No activity / activities you can do inside the hotel)


And for a day to ten, and this is bali trip south, we will invite you to enjoy the Small Trip Tour is visiting GWK (Garuda WisnuKencana) Culture Park, Padang Padang Beach, Uluwatu Temple, and then see a show Kecak dance and fire dance in Jabetemple.danUluwatu temple for the last trip we will invite you to enjoy Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran bay Beach with a variety of seafood.


Specials for the day to eleven we will invite you to join in the BALI REEF CRUISE to follow the water activities and participate Lunch Cruise On board, Departing from the early morning hours of 07.30am - 17.00pm, we think the activity is very unusual that you need to enjoy during the holidays.


After  all the trip is completed, the twelfth or the last day before we invite you to Bali Airport For Departure, you can buy by the typical bali in place already set Congratulations Enjoy your holidays.

Journey Undertaken :

First Days 1 :


 Arrive in Bali Island We will do the pick-up driver in Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport based on your request , and after we found your driver , our driver will take you to the hotel you have chosen to stay one night, prior to the start the next day trip tour


Second Days 2 :


Holy bat tour is one of the programs that are owned ( BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD ) or often called bali full day tour of the eastern part of the  Bali island , Goa Lawah temple  situated in the southeastern part of the island of Bali Precisely in Klungkung regency, Bali, is one of the holy places that should not be missed.GoaLawah inhabited by thousands of bats black gray. The location is approximately 20 kilometers east of the city Semarapura, Klungkung or approximately 59 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. As for the beautiful and historic place that we can visit again , such as : tengenan village , the end of the Karangasem regency for your hotel stay.


08:30 – Pick up at the hotel your stay

-Visit and Watching Barong and Keris dance performance
-Visit Tohpati Village Special Batik Traditional Bali
-Visit KertaGosa
-Enjoy Lunch at local restaurant
-Visit Goa Lawah temple (Holy Bat Temple)
-Visit tengenan Village Traditional Bali

– Back to New hotel your stay at Hotel Karangasem Area
– Arrive at New hotel at Karangasem Area



Third Days 3


Thousand temple Tour is one of the best excursions on the island of Bali is in (BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD ) we refer also to the Full Day Tour.Besakih Temple is located on the slopes of  MountAgung is the highest mountain on the island of Bali.Besakih is the center of activities of the entire temple in Bali. Among all the temples in Besakih, there is the center of all temple in the temple complex Besakih is Penataran .Penataran is the largest temple in Besakih complex and there are 3 statues symbol Stana of Tri Murti , namely Brahma , Vishnu and Shiva who is the symbol of God the Creator , Sustainer and the Deity of Lord Fuser . As for the other best trip if you want to join the tour in the travel and choose us, you will be able to visit other beautiful places such as Bukit jambul rice terrace,Besakih/ Mother temple in baliisland,Kintamani Volcano & Lake Batur you see from on the top,VisitBaturTemple,Next Arrive at hotel Lovina. 


08:30 – Pick up at the hotel your stay

-Visit Bukit jambul rice terrace
-Visit Besakih temple(Mother Temple in bali island)
-Visit Kintamani Volcano
-Enjoy Lunch at local restaurant
-Visit Batur temple

-Back to New hotel your stay at Hotel Lovina Area

-Arrive at New hotel at Lovina Are




Fourth  Days 4


Lovina Dolphin Tour is the best tour options in BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD is a full day tour if you do not want to miss to watch the dolphin show.Lovina beach is one of the tourist sites in the northern part of the island of Bali . This beach included in region of Buleleng ,Singaraja , with its capital . The main attraction of this beach is a calm sea water ,Lovina Beach is the most famous dolphin jump seen in the open sea at close range using fishing boats you can rent directly there .To see the show dolphin of course you have to get up early because the mammals usually appear in the morning from 6 to 9 am.Boat rental rate until Rp. 60,000 maximum 4-5 people.



05.00 – Pick up at the hotel your stay at Lovina Area
05.30 – Arrive at Lovina Beach
– Rental and using boat traditional to see dolphin show

– Watching Dolphin Finish ,Come back to hotel For Have Breakfast

– Next Visit at Tamblingan Lake

– Visit Hot Spring Water at banjarBuleleng Bali

– Enjoy Lunch at local Restaurant

– Back to New hotel your stay at Lovina Area
– Arrive at New hotel at Lovina Area



Fifth  Days 5


Waterfall tour was the trip special that is a flagship program that we have, and Travel waterfall this tour , a journey towards bali northern part , if the count nearly 3 hours drive from Denpasar , and one forte of bali north is famous is Gitgit waterfall which is a waterfall that can be said .ini the island of Bali is a glimpse of info from Gitgit waterfall.Gitgit Waterfall is a tourist spot in northern bali precisely located in Singaraja Bali, Indonesia. in District SukasadaBuleleng. Gitgit Waterfall is the highest waterfall located on the island of Bali. This place is perfect for lovers of trekking because the terrain winding and traveling up and down. , Gitgit waterfall height is 35 meters accompanied by a view of the natural forest. Not only the beauty of the waterfall are a concern for visitors but also the freshness of mountain water and air around the waterfall Gitgit area.


08.30 – Pick up at the hotel your stay at Lovina Area
– Arrive at Gitgit Waterfall (The biggest Waterfall in bali )
– Visit UlundanuBeratan Temple

– Next Enjoy Lunch at Local Restaurant

– Next Visit at Candi Kuning Traditional Market(For Shopping)

– Visit Jatiluwih Rice terrace (The Biggest rice terrace in bali island)

– Visit Tanah Lot Temple (BatuBolong Temple)
– Back to New hotel your stay at Ubud Area
– Arrive at New hotel at Ubud Area




Sixth Days 6


BALI SPA & AYUNG RAFTING TOUR ADVENTURE is one of a package owned by ( BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD ) and also a Double package Tour between 2 Package ,
Here we will explain a little about Bali Rafting Adventure is a water tour filled with adventure To Enjoy Experience Rafting on the river water is white and also with a fairly challenging terrain, or at Bali named With Rafting, in Bali is known there are two rafting are very good and suitable to fill your holiday with the family. on the Ayung River and TelagaWaja River Island, where both these places is one of choice by many foreign and domestic tourists, Bali Rafting adventure aims to provide a different experience to you and you will never forget .As long as rafting you can also enjoy view of the river is so beautiful with clean water. You must be very impressed and amazed in exploring the river that has incredibly beautiful.And later you will be guided by a guide who is experienced Bali spa adventure is an adventure tour that offers to eliminate fatigue the mind and refresh your body after exhausting activity. Spa package that we offer is the best and very suitable for you who vacation in Bali, and others with professional treatment and will provide a theraphists experience and excellent therapeutic treatments to refresh the mind. because use Balinese massage techniques and mixture of ancient and modern drug therapies that will rejuvenate and give a fillip to the body. Through the hands of a trained therapist you will be re-created fresh and fit to perform the activity again.

A few explanations about BALI  BALI SPA & AYUNG RAFTING , for more information , you can contact us WayanAris// //+ 6281238879210 +6285738010319.Thanks you so much  for your time already visit our website at



08:00 – Pick up at the hotel your stay

09:30 – Arrive at Ayung Rafting
10.00 – Enjoy AYUNG RAFTING adventure
12.30–  AYUNG RAFTING  Finish,Next enjoy lunch 
13.30 – Finish Lunch, Next Spa Tour
14.30 – Enjoy Spa Massage Tratments(2 Hours) 
16.30 – Back to hotel
17.30 – Arrive at the hotel at ubud your stay


SevenDays 7

FREE ACTIFITIES(Just enjoy at the hotel)Still Hotel Ubud Area



Eight Days 8


Tampaksiring tour is one of the world's tourist trips that always wanted to visit the many people.Tampaksiring tour is also one of the assets owned by ( BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD ) when you join our sightseeing trip , of course, we will invite you to visit the heritage object historic tourist gianyarTampaksiring , namely Gunung Kawi temple , are some of the core da contents of mountain Kawi temple, Historical temple site called Gunung Kawi Temple, or often called by Cliff Temple Gunung Kawi is located precisely in the area Banjar penaka, village of  Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali.On the north side of Gianyar, there Historic archaeological sites. Among the paddy fields, with traditional Subak irrigation system, there were 10 temples carved on the cliff wall.



Cliff Temple Gunung Kawi is estimated to have been built since the mid 11th century AD, during the Udayana dynasty (Warmadewa). The temple construction is expected to begin during the reign of King Sri Paduka Haji StanaDharmawangsaMarakataPangkajatunggadewa and ended in the reign of King Children Wungsu.


08.30 – Pick up at the hotel your stay at Ubud Area

– Arrive at Tegenungan Waterfall
– Arrive and visit Kemenuh Village Special Wood Carving

– Visit Goa Gajah Temple

– Enjoy Lunch at Local Restaurant at Ubud/TampaksiringVillage

– Next Visit Gunung Kawi Temple(Rocky temple)

– Visit TirtaEmpul Temple(Holy Spring water Temple)

– Visit Bali Coffe Plantation

– Visit Ceking Rice Terrace Tegalalang

– Back to hotel your stay Kuta Area

– Arrive at hotel your stay Kuta Area


NineDays 9

FREE ACTIFITIES(Just enjoy at the hotel)Hotel Kuta Area


Ten Days 10



Nusa dua tour is one of the world's tourist trips that always wanted to visit the many people.nusadua tour is also one of the assets owned by ( BALI ISLAND TOUR Ubud ) when you join our sightseeing trip , of course, we will invite you to visit sights very beautiful beach to be enjoyed , for example, is padangpadang beach, Padang -Padang beach is Located at Jalan Labuan Sait , Petacu Rural District of South Kuta , Badung . 32 km from the city of Denpasar , in case of Ngurah Rai airport takes about 45 minutes by using a motor vehicle to get on the beach . Here is a map of the location of Padang - Padang Beach Bali .


This beach is located at the bottom of a long bridge , about 30 meters from the bottom of the bridge . To go up to the beach we had to pass through a hallway stairs above a kind of cave that contained his temple .

otherwise we will invite you for a visit at GWK ( Garuda WisnuKencana ) , Uluwatu temple and beach , and instantly see the show Kecak dance and fire dance performance, and continued seafood dinner at Jimbaran bay with beautiful beach view.



12.00 – Pick up at the hotel your stay at Kuta Area

– Arrive at the local Restaurant For Have Lunch
– Arrive and visit at GWK(Garuda WisnuKencana Culture Park)

– Watching Padang Padang Beach on the top at Nusa Dua

– Next Visit Uluwatu Temple Hitorical Temple

– Visit And Watching Kecak and Fire Dance Performance at jabeUluwatu  Temple

– Visit and Enjoy Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran bay Beach view
– Back to hotel your stay  Kuta Area

– Arrive at hotel your stay Kuta Area



Seafood Jimbaran Bay

  •   Life Prawns (4pcs)
  •   Life Crabs (300gr)
  •   Fresh Squid (Cal) (200gr)
  •   Fresh Lobster (250gr)
  •   Cell (4pcs)
  •   Fresh Fish (350gr)
  •   Rice, Vegetable, Fish Soup
  •   Soft Drink or Fresh Coconut
  •   Peanut
  •   Sauce (Splite)
  •   Mix Fresh Fruits



Eleven Days 11


Bali Reef Cruise is one of the tour packages in the island of Bali with an offer of interesting and full of fun activities. Bali Hai Reef Cruise to Nusa Lembongan Island offers a full day of fun activities for your family. Our luxury catamaran from Bali to Nusa Lembongan where Moor alongside our purpose-built pontoon, which is packed with activities for the whole family.

Our luxury catamaran for a cruise departing from Port of Benoa Bali to Nusa Lembongan where Moor alongside our purpose-built pontoon, which is packed with activities for the whole family.

During the Bali Reef Cruise trip, you can see the exotic marine life Lembongan island and coral colors, with go snorkeling in Lembongan Bay beautiful, or even to try scuba diving for the first time with our team of experienced PADI dive with a reliable guide that will always be with you.

Other shipping activities include unlimited banana boat rides, tour of Lembongan Island culture or our exciting 35 meter waterslide. Bali Reef Cruise is on a family activity on the island. departsBenoaHarbour at 9:15 every day for a cruise.During this day trip, you can see the exotic marine life and coral Lembongan island.


And when you finally work up an appetite, feast on delicious buffet served in the air-conditioned comfort aboard Bali Hai II.

Bali Hai II departs from the island of Nusa Lembongan around 03:15 and slowly cruises back to the mainland Bali when you relax and enjoy the view across lautan.dan for more information you can contact us WAYAN ARISat // / / + 6281238879210//+6285738010319





  •   08:45 - Boarding. Morning tea and coffe
  •   09:15 - departing the Port ofBenoa Bali Hai II
  •   10:00 - Snorkeling demonstration
  •   10.30 - Bali Hai arrived at the pontoon in Lembongan Bay, and a transfer to the Beach Club with a smaller boat for passenger comfort
  •   10:40 - All Activity Commencee at Beach Club you can do there:
  •   Semi Submersible Coral Viewer departs at 11.45. 13:00 and 14:15. (Bring all your stuff to departure 14:15) Please order at the counter informed before 11:15
  •   Village Tours depart at 13:30 am and 14:30 pm for about 45 minutes. Please sign up at the information counter that has been supplied by the company
  •   Snorkeling Tours depart at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:30 pm
  •   Volley ball court available for those who join in bali beach club
  •   Banana boat rides depart regularly from the beautiful beach
  •   Swim and Snorkeling between the flags
  •   12:15 - BBQ lunch available until 14:15, free coffee tea served all day in the restaurant which has provide you can enjoy there.
  •   13:15 - The treasure hunt for children - meet at the information desk
  •   14.30 - Tug of war on the beach
  •  14:45 - When you hear kulkul (traditional bell) please check you have all the personal belongings and prepare to return to the "Aristocat" from the beach
  •   15:15 - "Aristocat" departing Lembongan Bay
  •   16:15 - Bali Hai II arrived in the port of Benoa back to your hotel stay kuta area





Remarks :

  •   Departure at 9.15am
  •   Return at 4.15pm
  •   Include all activities specified in each program


  •   Air-conditioned hotel transfers
  •   Return transfers to Lembongan Island aboard the luxurious catamaran Bali Hai II
  •   Morning/afternoon tea and snacks
  •   International Buffet Lunch
  •   Semi Submersible Coral Viewer
  •   Village excursion
  •   Unlimited banana boat rides
  •   Snorkeling equipment and instruction
  •   35m Water Slide
  •   Diving Board
  •   Locker






Twelfth Days 12


Before we take you to the airport , first we will invite you for shopping for buy the typical Balinese souvenir for family in your country



USD $ 975/PAX

  •   Rates are quoted per person for min booking  2 people
  •   Flight tickets, Airport taxes, visa on arrival is not includedü  personal expenses are not included and will be on (PA)personal accountü 
  •   11 Nights stay at hotel Scheduled
  •   Private Car AC
  •   8 Days (Full Day Tour)
  •   Barong Dance Ticket
  •   11x breakfast in hotel
  •   7x lunch Local Restaurant
  •   2 Hours Rafting
  •   1,5 Hours Spa massage
  •   Driver Speak English
  •   Tour Guide Just During Tour (6 days)
  •   Mineral Bottle water
  •   Entrance fee all site
  •   Dolphin Boat Ticketü  Kecak Dance Ticketü  Return Transfer Airportü  Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran bayü  Return Transfer Bali Reef Cruise & Packages Bali Reef cruise ü  BBQ Special at BaLi Reef Cruie
Note :
For the choice of the type of hotel room, we 've determined Based on the price of the package you pay to us


How to book

  •   Determine the journey attractions you want
  •   complete the form that we have provided , include your email address , in order to simplify our team to receive and reply to all the requests that you want , and also so that we can immediately process it
  •   When all the requests that you send to us , we will immediately processing , before that we will , asserted again , what is your message for your holiday comfort
  •   You can reindex hotel / villa where you live in Bali , if you already have a place to stay, so we can pick up at your hotel addressed , if not ad shelter, you can leave it blank
  •   Once everything is complete , we will send confirmation of booking / confirmation of payment , you need to pay us

Booking cancellation policy


• Cancellation within one day before the client makes a trip tour, we charge 50 % cancellation fee of the total price .

• No -Show will be charge for 100 % of the payment TOTAL

Privacy Policy


Booking tour you send is abolutely very safe . All your personal data will be processed in secure.understanding privacy of personal data that you send , we process seriously , stressed again all your personal data will only be used to facilitate booking you want.



Detailed Description

  •  All the above prices are inclusive of 21% government tax and service
  •  You can Get the price discount for group bookings
  •  Package tour Price: is the price of travel bali tour island ubud with the tour includes lunch and entrance fee
  •   Bali Private Tours , means there are no other participants , it's just you and your friends
  •  In the course of the tour , you will be in help with English-speaking drivers (No Guide)
  •  Tour Guide is Include with the rate
  •  New destination,location site and time available to change based on your request(if the site is available)
  •  Use an existing form , to send a message , asking for information or make your requests do you want
  •  Age under 12 years old will get a 50% discount (Children)
  •   There are no hidden costs , all real
  •   50 % on arrival .For the first payment /one month prior to arrival is you have to pay 50 % of the total price
  •    There is a 50% surcharge for single travelers
  •   Payment both in Rupiah , USD or other currencies based on the latest exchange rate of the day

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