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Medewi beach is suitable for surfing because the waves are longer and longer to break in accordance with the needs of surfing

Medewi Beach Medewi precisely located in the Village, District Pekutatan, Jembrana. Access to these attractions is very easy and can be traversed by vehicles because it is about 100 meters from the highway department Denpasar to Gilimanuk. Of capital Denpasar to arrive in the coastal region Medewi will cover a distance of approximately 72 km or take a trip around one and a half hour.

Medewi beach is quite beautiful beaches offer very attractive curve of beach. It is located on Medewi village, 24 km east of State and 72 km west of Denpasar and can be reached by all types of vehicles.

Medewi beach is suitable for surfing because the waves are longer and longer to break in accordance with the needs of surfing. From here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Meanwhile, hotel facilities available sufficiently representative for foreign tourists. They are equipped with a swimming pool and restaurant are quite artistically arranged in the hotel yard.

The origin of the word Medewi is taken from a phrase "forest many thorns", the forests are many thorns it is a kind of tree that has thorns aplenty and the tree was often known as tree Keket or trees by fire, then the Balinese language, meaning trees were a lot of thorns was called (punyan meduwi), therefore, the people who first lived in the woods a lot of these spines, giving the name of this village as the village Meduwi which means village many duwinya (thorns), then gradually ancestors or parents ancient in the village this Meduwi, often proverb Meduwi word is being said Medewi and with frequent occurrence of a play on the word then becomes a habit that eventually succeeding generations also chimed call meduwi word being said medewi today.

History Village Medewi


Peoples first to discover and occupy the village medewi is the community of the village of Air Kuning District of the State, the beginning they found the village medewi this by walking down the beach to the destination, the first place they visit are estuaries medewi, which is currently used as harbor boats or boat and there they stop by to stop and rest after searching for shells and firewood in coastal areas, and then they went back to their village (yellow water) .and after a couple of days later they also back down the beach with the same activity looking for shells and firewood are many stranded on the coast, due to water overflowing rivers because of the rain that big then bring many wood pieces small and large from the forest, and they go back a stop for resting after searching for shells and firewood, then they assume that the place they visit it is a very strategic place.

And because of the strategic position of the stopover place, And they went home and came back with more people, then the wave came pertamayang was divided into three groups:

1. The first group towards the fence east of the village Medewi then they opened the village, which is now commonly referred to as Pulukan village and the village of Pekutatan.

2. And the second group to the village of Medewi led by Mr. Daris and Mr. Rais, they are two siblings, then they known that cleared the forest from where they were flown first to enter into up to 2 ½ Km in length that when as borders are (Pura Dalem) the northern end of the village medewi, therefore they are flown first place is now known as term orchard stopover.

3. Then groups of three to the west of the village medewi and they also cleared the forest with a long and wide enough, then they settle there and build a village that is now known as the village of Yeh SUMBUL.

The early opening of the settlements in the area Medewi is expected in 1912 and next formation of village Medewi estimated in 1914 that was once still the one between medewi and Pulukan, and with the running time medewi ultimately wanted to form his own village and finally can be split away from Pulukan on 1928, so the establishment medewi village is expected from the beginning with the separation of the village Pulukan 1928.

Then the second wave followed by a group of group of village districts Loloan State, in which they came and stopped at this stopover village and headed north temple in (the village limits medewi north), which then continued deforestation of up to 1km in length, for they occupy as a place for stay.dan they also form a community group that is known today as the village or hamlet Loloan Loloan.

Then wave to three, followed by a group of group of villages Mendoyo Dangin Tukad which they then entered the village medewi and walked towards the north to continue the deforestation in northern villages Loloan until the end of the forest boundary, and they formed a group and then from these people average -rata his Hindu and from there then they gave the name of the group as a hamlet delod Setre. 

So religion was first entered in the village of Medewi is Islam that comes from the water yellow and Loloan yng then in one after another by the Hindu religion that was brought by the Mendoyo Dangin Tukad, so until today in the village medewi consists of two religions, namely Islam and Hindu.

Tourism in the village medewi is the beach medewi (Medewi Beach) that where there is a cape of the island and caused huge waves and then use as a sports surfing (Surfiang), and the inventor of Medewi beach as the surf was Australian "John Davied, 1972 "(Mansour, 20:00 pm, November 24, 2012, Medewi village stopover) .and after the discovery of the location of Surfing is the villagers madewi too, began to study and cultivate Surfing sports and with over time, and many tourists who flock to the surf fill in Medewi famous with waves are nice and large, and with the many tourists who come to vacation, finally Peoples, Medewi has an initiative to start building lodgings for tourists who are on vacation and over the times that have modern accomodation- The inn was renovated into luxury hotels and classy corresponding international standards.

The beauty of Bali is not a figment. And one of the beaches that should be appreciated for its beauty is Medewi Beach. The beach is a tourist destination among domestic and foreign tourists because in addition to having a dazzling panorama road access is also very easy to reach. To reach this beach, simply by walk about 100 meters from Highway Denpasar - Gilimanuk. So therefore, many of the local tourists in particular (especially backpackers) who use public transport to visit the capital to Medewi.

Along the way to Medewi Beach area will unfold scenic rice fields wide and lined up along the shore to give the impression of natural and exotic. Especially if you visit this Medewi Beach coincided with the harvest season it will show yellow rice accompanied with all the activities of farmers who were picking rice yield. The scenery will certainly give its own impiration so often a lot of tourists are trying to capture rare moments with the camera he was carrying.

Entering the area beaches, then you will find a rocky beach with a sweep of the waves are quite large. In general, the shape of this beach on the western slope and visible indentation that extends to the south. Besides, there are rows of fishing boats that  on the waterfront that will add charm and beauty. Because the waves are fairly large so visitors who want to swim are expected to be cautious so that no unwanted things.

Panorama beauty of the beach will be felt when the afternoon before where the color will look dazzling. That is the moment awaited by the tourists where they can watch the sun go back to dusk (sunset). Sunset moment this will be increasingly felt complete and perfect when you come here accompanied by a lover or the most beloved of the most anticipated thing that can be enjoyed together. Indeed such circumstances would create memories and impressions in the soul that can not be forgotten as possible in a lifetime.

While the top of this beach is mounted backrest which meant that the visitors can enjoy beauty and panorama Medewi perfectly. From the rest of the visitors can see the sea about Medewi along with big waves while you relax and enjoy the surroundings. Things like that is what makes many tourists usually miss and want to visit again and again Medewi. Medewi charm was never eaten by the times, and it will not disappear knocked down period.



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