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Kumbasari market itself stands on an area of ​​about 6,230 square meters with relying on traditional Balinese architecture.

Kumbasari market located at Jalan Gajah Mada , west of Denpasar which is included in the series of Presidential Market and adjacent to the Badung market . The distance is about 13 km from Ngurah Rai Airport.

Kumbasari market is among the largest in Denpasar. The traditional market is open for 24 hours in a day, where in the morning the market is used to provide a variety of basic needs and in the afternoon and the evening turned into a selling various souvenirs handicrafts made Balinese like Silver Craft, Batik Bali, Painting, accessories and knick Balinese, as well as the Bali Ikat Weaving.

Kumbasari market itself stands on an area of ​​about 6,230 square meters with relying on traditional Balinese architecture. This market consists of two floors, in which to sell a wide range of basic commodities were on the ground floor, while the upper floor there is an art-shop to sell a variety of souvenirs and kerajina Balinese hand. Kumbasari market sale price is much cheaper than if bought elsewhere, the key, must dare to bargain.

Badung traditional market Kumbasari was made in 1977 but was destroyed by fire in 2000 and then rebuilt in 2001. Historically Tukad Badung said to be the path for the Dutch expeditionary force that moves toward the acceleration of Denpasar on Puputan Badung dated 20 September 1906.

Not only local people of Bali who come here to shop, but sometimes also a lot of foreign tourists come to seek and buy cheap trinkets Balinese. When compared to the price of goods in Kuta or Legian, prices of goods in markets Kumbasari art is much cheaper.


Badung Market located at Gajah Mada street , approximately 1 km to the west Statue Catur Muka , in the center of Denpasar , Bali- Indoneisa .Badung market is one of the traditional market in Bali , especially in London which became a place visited by many among domestic and foreign tourists . In this market sold a variety of needs both the primary needs of Denpasar , distinctively traditional food , goods Balinese art and so forth . When visiting Bali , you should take the time to visit here . 

This market is much visited by tourists , where in addition they can watch the process of buying and selling directly from the merchant to the buyer who is still done traditionally because of the bargaining process , also ( carrying merchandise purchased ) , they can all enjoy a variety of traditional culinary offerings and buy handicrafts that characterizes Bali to serve as a souvenir .



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