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The bird park is one of the attractions in Gianyar which has one of the rare bird species and is an icon of the island of Bali , the Bali Starling . The number of tourists visiting the park this bird during a regular day ranges from 200 to 250 people per day , and during the holiday season or high season in Bali , there will be a surge of visitors ranges from 400-450 people per day .

Address Bali bird park is located on Sergeant Major Road Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu , Batubulan - Gianyar - Bali .If you depart from the tourist area of Dewaruci statue will take in 50 minutes

Discover the Bali Bird Park , to witness the largest and finest collection of birds in Indonesia and the world , plus fantastic birds from Africa and South America . Covering an area of two hectares , the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species . Our innovative approach to the display of rare and tropical birds has progressed from traditional exhibits featuring the mixed species in their natural habitat . Bali Bird Park will feature more than 2,000 species of tropical plants , including 50 species of plants Palm and also enlivened by the presence of attractive butterflies . The incorporation of a concept of breeding , research and veterinary facilities in the bird park , have a high success rate in the captive birds interesting and protected .

The price list along with profits below and explanations  :


Program :

  • Arranged a special program for family gatherings
  • Corporate program
  • Student group special education
  • Other creative competition such as photo shooting
  • Annual gathering
  • Group arrangements

Facilities :


  • Parking Area : parking areas also for tours busses
  • Rest Room : There are four rest rooms strategically located throughout the park
  • First Aid : First aid facilities are available at the Park. In case of emergency ask the Management on duty or any member of our staff
  • Refreshment : Refreshments are available in the Bali Starling Restaurant
  • Gifts & souvenirs :Unique bird themed merchandise is available from the park gift shop adjacent to the main restaurant.
  • Disability Access: The park has been designed with barrier-free pathways for convenient wheelchair and baby-stroller access. However, there are staff on hand if assistance is required.
  • What Can Be Seen


In Bali Bird Park you can see the collection of birds from Indonesia , Latin America and South Africa . The park is divided into several areas that are set to suit the condition of the natural habitat of birds , and is also equipped with plants and ornaments typical to show authenticity. Been to Bali Bird Park , you will be able to see Starling Bali which is a typical bird of Bali and is included as a rare bird in the world . You can also see a typical bird of Papua exquisite namely bird of paradise , also known as Bird of Paradise . Bali Bird Park also displays the type of Eagles and Birds Eagles . Collection of birds from South America such as the Scarlet Macaw and Toucan can be found here , including the Parrot and other types originating from African countries .

  • Bali

Experience the original Jungle birds of Bali and encounter the world's rarest bird, the Bali Starling. Bali’s highly endangered national bird is now regularly bred within the Park as part of conservation program

Birds you can see :


Bali Starling, Brown-billed Cuckoo Dove, Bronze-tailed Peacock Pheasant, New Guinea Bronzewing, Peaceful/Zebra Dove, Emerald Ground Dove, Flying Fox/Fruit Bat, Black-naped Oriole, Purple Swamphen, Ringneck White Dove, Pied Imperial Pigeon, Orange-breasted Green Pigeon, Glossy Ibis, Cattle Egret, Black-naped Fruit Dove, Little Green Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Common Myna, Javan Green Peafowl, Night pond Heron, Asian Pied Starling, Javan myna, Yellow vented bulbul, Australian Pelican, Bali Starling, Nias Hill Myna.

  • South America

View an array of South American exotics such as the Scarlet Macaw and the largest parrot in the world, the magnificent Hyacinth Macaw.

Birds you can see :
Scarlet Ibis, Purple Swamphen, Glossy Ibis, Green Winged Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw, Buffon Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, Love Bird, Orange-Winged Amazon, Hans Macaw, Red-fronted Macaw, Swainson's Toucan.


  • South Africa

Observe the African Grey Parrots, known for the ability to mimic the human voice, and other birds of the African Savannah. Visit the Flamingo pool and see our bright-pink wading birds – often standing on just one of their very long legs.

Birds you can see:

Violet Turaco, Congo African Grey Parrot, African Crowned Crane, Von der Decken's Hornbill, Ground Hornbill, Purple Glossy Starling, Amethys Starling, Senegal Parrot, Laughing Kookabura.


  • Sumatra    

Visit the deep jungle of Sumatra for rare and strange endemic birds such as the Eagle Owl, with its sideways pointing ear tufts and powerful talons.

Birds you can see:

Senegal Parrot, Chrinsom Wing Parakeet, White Crested Hornbill, Bar-pouched Wreathed hornbill, Lesser Coucal, Black Indian Hawk Eagle.

  • Borneo

Borneo has a huge variety of ecosystems - including some of the world's tallest lowland rainforests and misty cloud forest - and an incredible diversity of birds. View the birds of Borneo in our mixed species aviaries.

Birds you can see:

Nicobar Pigeon, Bulwer Wattled Pheasant, Great Argus Pheasant, Javan Great Rhinoceros Hornbill, Flying Fox/Fruit Bat, Crested Serpent Eagle and many more.

  • Papua

Discover the exotic birds of Papua in the magnificent walk-in aviary and one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of birds-of-paradise. Discover the large, flightless Cassowary that lives in the dense lowland forests and the Western Crowned Pigeon one of the most beautiful members of the pigeon family, with delicate blue lacy crests around its head.

Birds you can see :

Golden-necked Cassowary, Double wanttled Cassowary, Golden Pheasant, Green Jungle Fowl, Amboina King Parrot, Western Crowned Pigeon, Emerald Ground Dove, Southern-pied Hornbill, Cinnamon Ground Dove, Black Lory, Black-capped Lory, Salvadori's Black-capped Lory, Rainbow lorikeet, White-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Racket-tailed Black Drongo, Southern Crowned Pigeon, New Guinea Bronzewing, Chattering lory, African Crowned Crane, Javan Green Peafowl, Indian-blue Peafowl, Yellow napped lory, Ornate Lory, Yellow Streaked Lory, Red Bird of Paradise, Yellow Streaked Lory, Pesquet's Parrot, Red Bird of Paradise, Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise.

  • Java

See the fantastic Javan Hawk and Serpent Eagles and listen to the sweet sounds of Java's song birds echoing through the foliage.

Birds you can see :

Banded pita, Asian Fairy-Bluebird, Asian Pied Starling, Black-naped Oriole, Javan Hawk Eagle, Southern-pied Hornbill, Magpie Robin, Sunda Scops Owl, Fire-tufted Barbet, Purple-backed Starling, Java Sparrow, Moustached parakeet.

  • What You Can Do at Bali Bird Park                                                                                                                                                                                                   

You can spend your spare time to get around to enjoy the beauty of the various types of birds found in Bali Bird Park and enjoy the beauty of the sound produced from a wide variety of birds. You can also see how they live in their habitat as well as being close to the bird life that includes rare in the world . Paths and bridges are carved through dense foliage where only filtered sunlight broke through the green canopy . Some points of view are strategically positioned to catch a glimpse of free-flying birds as they follow their survival instincts foraging , nesting and mating .

  • Bali Rainforest

Free Flight Bird Show

Marvel at our free flight show featuring macaws, storks, cockatoos and other birds as they soar through the sky - an amazing opportunity to see so many different birds in one environment.

  • Basic Instinct

Birds of Prey Show

Let your imagination fly when you meet our majestic Free Flight Bird Show from eagles to kites, owls to falcons. Watch them as they soar overhead and swoop down.

  • Lory Feeding

Enter the misty jungle enclosure and feed the stunning rainbow-coloured lories with nectar as they land on you.

  • Meet the Bird Stars

Encounter the true stars of the park – they are our cheeky entertainers who adore the limelight. They include Anna-Maria – our Black Palm Cockatoo – and our impressive Wreathed Hornbills. A number of our bird stars have been hand-reared in captivity, which means they are completely at ease with human contact.

  • Owl House

Our stunning collection of nocturnal owls live quietly in a specially-adapted traditional Toraja house, which you can't mis as you enter the park. Make sure you see the Barred Eagle Owl with its side-ways pointing ear tufts.

  • School & Student

Bali Bird Park provides an unrivalled opportunity for children to learn about their wildlife heritage. For this reason, we welcome school parties and can provide special guiding services and work sheets.

The Park also sponsors special events designed to increase the awareness of both children and adults of the threats facing wildlife in the modern world.

  • Pelican Feeding


  • Conservation

Bali Bird Park plays an important role in protecting and conserving endangered species in Indonesia. National Park has successfully bred many species, including many rare and Parrot Bali Starling. We host more than 40 species of birds protected Indonesia, now more and more are breeding successfully under the care of our staff. The staff is proud of the new addition of them, some of which can be seen through the observation window in the incubator laboratory and nursery room. To keep the park collection of more than 1000 birds are healthy and in good shape is constantly in need of care and attention. Birds in the Garden Birds generally have very good health but some of them sometimes fall ill. For this reason a part-time veterinarian monitor the health of the birds and provide treatment when they fall sick or injured. Later, function Bali Bird Park is not only a place for recreation, but also to support environmental education programs to young people.




  •   09.00 AM - 17:30 PM
  •  Open daily
  • Adult US $ 23.5 + 12 % general tax
  • Child US $ 11.75 + 12 % general tax



  •  Childrens Age : 2 – 12 years of age
  • Infant : under 2 years of age are free of charge



Terms Payment


We have 4 term of payment : 

  1. Payment of cashfor payment with cash , you can pay directly with the BALI BIRD PARK company. Note : if you are already in Bali.
  2. Payment Via PaypalFor payment Via paypal , you can see the first step in the menu Term Of Payment On our Website .Note : It is suggested if you are still in your country , 50 % Advance at the time booking and deal we will process requests for your further.And you can see on the menu Term Of Payment On our website .and Follow step by step methode of payment.
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  4. Western Onion
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How to book :

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