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 Elephant Ride Adventure Travel Package is the biggest elephant safari on the island of Bali that the goal is Adventure to Enjoy elephant rides were very pleasant and Surrounding Rice Village and River near the remote village. Elephant ride adventure is a package of adventure very fun to follow and try to enjoy the experience of ride elephants while passing through rice fields, villages and cross the river in the countryside. , It is an amazing experience where you have chance to close to even up the big animal .  Your holiday may seem very fun with family or friends by doing activities Elephant Ride this adventure . You do not need to worry because mammals elephants have been trained and are very time .You also have the opportunity to feed the elephants in the safari park . And also and also can see the attraction of elephants that will amaze you where the elephant is very docile and capable of making you laught.and  you also can help to bathe the elephants there. 

The elephants here including species Sumatra elephants are treated and bred here . With our elephant ride you help us and help the other elephants in Sumatra by providing funds for food and land to ensure their homes remain protected . Here elephants are well cared for and bathed every day so you do not need to be afraid dirty because elephants that are here are clean.

these are the types of elephant ride adventure that we sell to you . Examples  A.Elephant Camp ,B. Bali Bakas Elephant Ride , C. Elephant Safari Ride and Bali D.Zoo Elephant Ride . As for the Bali Elephant Ride package that we provide is the best of the best package elephant ride at a cheaper price .

The price list along with profits below and explanations :

1.  Elephant Safari Park Taro

 Elephant Ride taro park is one of the Bali Elephant Ride Tour Package in rural taro which will be invited to visit the village name of Taro precisely in tegalalang gianyar bali, to climb the Elephant. In this place is the best and largest facility on the island, you will be invited to climb the elephant and toured around the safari park which covers nearly two hectares. A different sensation when the elephant ride where you will enjoy the sound of foot steps elephant runs quietly on the water or on the grass clean.You will get a thrilling experience to sit atop an elephant in teak wood chair with a very experienced guide, through a cool forest of Taro which is close to the remote village, is an experience you will never be forgotten. In addition you can also see the Elephants can be seen immersing themselves in the lake near a safari park. feed them, touch them, take photos with them, then learn more about elephants ancestry and diversity in the park's history, and also bathe the elephants there. elephant intelligence and their abilities can be seen in the Garden Arena when held .elephant show is open 7 days a week. PARK OPEN DAILY 8.00am to 6.00pm


A.Bathe & Breakfast with the Elephants   

You can enjoy a very interesting experience extraordinary with elephants bathing in the lake , they will bring and to invite you to take a bath with them . This experience can only be found on elephant safari bali . v after completion bathe elephant could .You Sit back and enjoy a meal that has been in whom does in Restaurant Park taro . With a view of the lake as elephants absorb and dry in the sun in the morning which was very cute and unique , then and will see and enjoy the elephant show is very beautiful.








A. Elephant safari ride tour

USD 86

USD 62 (5-12 years old)

USD 25 (below 4 years)

(2 Adults + 3 Children) USD 375


B. Elephant safari park tour

USD 70

USD 47

USD 20

USD 210

C. Bathe & breakfast with the elephants

USD 106

USD 74


USD 323


TOUR INCLUDE TARO  Pick Up : 08.00 - 08.15 am

Elephant safari ride tour

Transfer + gourmet buffet lunch +Elephant show + Insurance + Safari ride(30 min) + All park fasilities

Elephant safari park tour

Transfer + gourmet buffet lunch +Elephant show + Insurance + (ride not include) + All park fasilities

Bathe & breakfast with the elephants

Transfer + Continental American  breakfast + bathe with the elephant +Elephant show + Insurance + Safari ride + All park fasilities


2. Elephant Camp Carang Sari

 Elephant Camp carang sari is one package that we made for you who are eager to ride the elephant with elegant as empire , so we encourage you to visit the village of Sari Branch where animals live domesticated elephants and maintained here . There you can enjoy an elephant ride while driving around the village and without fear, for you there will be accompanied elephant guides were very experienced , and see the view from the river in the carang sari village  of the famous  . Elephant Camp branches cider is made to an animal preserve elephants and also to introduce this elephant animals to domestic and foreign tourists , and this can also be an alternative choice for your family vacation travel . With affordable prices and profits are pretty much what you get.


TOUR INCLUDE Pick Up : 08.00 - 08.15 am


v Elephant Camp Program

a.       Adult :USD 67/ Adults

b.      Children (5-12 years old) :USD 47 / Children

c.       Infant (0 - 4 years) : USD 27 per person

d.      Family ( 2 adult + 2 children ) :USD 175

v  Return Transfer,

v  Professional mahouts (Elephant handlers), International standard safety equipment,

v  Cold face towel, Buffet Lunch Indonesian Food,

v  Insurance Coverage




 Besides elephant safari in taro in Bali are still there again , elephant safari whose name bali Bakas elephant ride tour, and this is one package elephant ride tour which is owned by (BALI TOUR ISLAND UBUD) tour packages Bali Bakas Elephant Ride is located in the village Bakas Klungkung .located near Bakas Levi Rafting where animals elephants daily lives and have a soak and bathe in the river levi . By choosing the package that we offer you can join and try to experience /.Adventure with an elephant ride very impressive you will try new experiences with climbing mammal tame elephants and across rice fields, forests and villages accompanied by elephant guide highly experienced and certified


BAKAS ELEPHANT RIDE (Pick Up : 08.00 - 08.15 am)



a.       Short Ride (15mnt) USD 47/adults

b.      Short Ride (30 mnt): USD 63/adults

c.       Medium Ride (40 mnt): USD 83/adults

d.       Long Ride (60 mnt): USD 105/adults


a.        AC Transport from and to your hotel,

b.       Elephant tamer's service, Admission fee to Elephant Park,

c.        Buffet Lunch,

d.       Welcome drink,

e.      Insurance


4.Bali Zoo Elephant Ride (BALI ZOO PARK)

 Bali Zoo Elephant Ride located at the zoo Bali or Bali Zoo Park .Bali zoo elephant park is one of the jugas bali package tours to ride an elephant in the garden very wide and in the river , better known by the name of Bali Elephant Ride . You will be guided on how to ride an elephant with a very experience guide , and later you will be invited to surround the zoo with tame elephant ride .   




Bali Zoo Elephant Ride Tour also offers exciting activities on the island of Bali . From the bench seat comfortably perched on one of the Sumatra Elephant . Through beautiful scenery through a part of the zoo then outside the park you can see where to sleep.


BALI ZOO ELEPHANT RIDE (Pick Up : 08.00 - 08.15 am)

v  Short Exclusive Trek (15 Minutes)

Adults : USD 86,

Child : USD 61


v  Long Trek Exclusive (30 Minutes)

Adults : USD 96,

Child USD 71



v  Return transfer

v  elephant ride

v  zoo admission

v  lunch

v  hand feed the elephants

v  animal encounters, animal show, souvenir,

v  insurance



Terms Payment


We have 4 term of payment : 

1. Payment of Cash

For payment with cash , you can pay directly with the ELEPHANT ride company.

Note : if you are already in Bali. 

2.Payment Via Paypal

For payment Via paypal , you can see the first step in the menu Term Of Payment On our Website .

Note : It is suggested if you are still in your country , 50 % Advance at the time booking and deal we will process requests for your further.And you can see on the menu Term Of Payment On our website .and Follow step by step methode of payment.

3.Western Onion

4. Bank Local Transfer 

Note :Payment with other currencies will convert based on the daily exchange rate.  

How to book

  • specify the package that you want to select
  • complete the form that we have provided , include your email address , in order to simplify our team to receive and reply to all the requests that you want , and also so that we can immediately process it
  • When all the requests that you send to us , we will immediately processing
  • Before that we will , asserted again , what is your message for your holiday comfort
  • You can reindex hotel / villa where you live in Bali , if you already have a place to stay , so we can pick up at your hotel addressed , if not ad shelter, you can leave it blank
  • Once everything is complete , we will send confirmation of booking / confirmation of payment , you need to pay us

Booking cancellation policy :

  • Cancellation within one day before the client makes/take a package, we charge 50 % cancellation fee of the total price .
  • No -Show will be charge for 100 % of the payment TOTAL

Privacy Policy :

  • Booking tour you send is abolutely very safe . All your personal data will be processed in secure.understanding privacy of personal data that you send , we process seriously , stressed again all your personal data will only be used to facilitate booking you want.







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