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Bali Sea Walker is water that allows anyone to walk on the seabed and enjoy the marine life of Bali. Bali Seawalker using tools like Seawalker unique helmet without the need to use a tank divers to explore ocean life. bali seawalker you can walk through the ocean floor and see all kinds of marine life that is beautiful and very unique. Diving system with a sophisticated and unique to follow, you will be able to experience diving in the open sea to meet a beautiful fish, and will also be accompanied by a guide or an experienced guide seawalker. Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Bali with cheap and affordable prices, seawalker tour is suitable for those of you who want to fill your holiday with family and friends. with a unique underwater experience and beautiful. This location is in the Sanur beach. observing the underwater world up to a depth of 15 feet without certification, and without wetting your hair and may wear goggles when diving under the will have 30 minutes for under  water with a maximum depth of 15 meters. Explore underwater life beautiful and unique of Bali where you can walk on the ocean floor and dealing with marine life while breathing the same as you do on the surface it all could only be found in Bali seawalker.Open daily 08.00am – 15.00pm.


The price list along with profits below and explanations :



Pickup Time : 08.00 am - 08.15 am ( Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud, Sanur)

Note :

For pick-up outside of the area in question will be charged extra , please contact us for the costs







  •  Return tranfer for a minimum of  2 pax
  •   mineral water
  •   30 minute dive in the sea
  •   Meals / Lunch
  •   use of standard amenities ( showers , lockers , towels and booties )
  •   Safety Insurance


USD$ 75

USD$ 55







  •   Mineral water
  •   30 minutes dive
  •  use of standard facilities (shower room, locker, towel and booties)
  •  Insurance




USD 65

USD 45




NOTE BALI Seawalker:

  •  For better preparation and because of a limited participant, advanced reservations are required.
  •  For children under 9 years old can not join this dive, otherwise they can wait while playing in the sea (with a guide) when the parents are diving.
  •  Additional charge for lunch for children - children Amounting to USD 8 for children
  •  Tour Seawalker instructors licensed to international standards of safety, first aid and hospitality services there are trained and able to speak a few major languages

Bali Seawalker Adventure Program

  •  After Changing Swimwear clothes with you, then go directly to the station Seawalker
  •  Walker takes only 3 minutes from the beach which has been suggested
  •  Stay calm, our staff will serve you well and you do not have to worry about anything!
  •  Fresh air is continuously supplied from the hose to helmet
  •  You go down the stairs to the bottom of the sea where you can see wild fish around
  •  You just run and our instructor will always accompany you during the activity.
  •  Relax and feel your closeness with the underwater world
  •  With a unique helmet design, you can see marine life and is able to breathe the same as you do on the surface / land
  •  Even your hair will not get wet and still be able to wear glasses or contact lenses


  •  Swimsuits for diving
  •  Sunscreen Lotion
  •  Money for your drink at the restaurant and for underwater pictures if needed
  •  Change clothes when they are finished seawalker
  •  If you want to use your own underwater camera, make sure the camera is designed to be used to a depth of at least 8 meters


  •  Guests with heart or lung problems, drugs, respiratory diseases pregnant with asthma or another could not dive and participate seawalker program.
  •  People with disabilities can also enjoy Sea Walker as long as they can use their hands. Please contact us one day before.


  •  Q : Do I have to have qualified to take part in Walker ?
  •  A : No you do not need any previous training or experience
  •  Q : Do I need to know how to swim ?
  •  A : No. Many of our customers do not know to swim . In fact, for many people , it was their first at sea
  •  Q : Does someone with me ?
  •  A : Yes Walker trained instructors will be with you at all times under water
  •  Q : My children and I are not so strong to swim , if I can join ?
  • A : Yes - a specially designed helmet weighing only 12 pounds Seawalker underwater , so that even children as young as ten years old can participate


Terms Payment


We have 2 term of payment : 1. Payment of cashfor payment with cash , you can pay directly with the BALI  SEAWALKER company.

Note : if you are already in Bali. 

2. Payment Via PaypalFor payment Via paypal , you can see the first step in the menu Term Of Payment On our Website .

Note : It is suggested if you are still in your country , 50 % Advance at the time booking and deal we will process requests for your further.And you can see on the menu Term Of Payment On our website .and Follow step by step methode of payment. 

3.Payment with other currencies will convert based on the daily exchange rate.

4.Western Onion

5. Bank Local Transfer   

How to book

  • specify the package that you want to select
  • complete the form that we have provided , include your email address , in order to simplify our team to receive and reply to all the requests that you want , and also so that we can immediately process it
  • When all the requests that you send to us , we will immediately processing
  • Before that we will , asserted again , what is your message for your holiday comfort
  • You can reindex hotel / villa where you live in Bali , if you already have a place to stay , so we can pick up at your hotel addressed , if not ad shelter, you can leave it blank
  • Once everything is complete , we will send confirmation of booking / confirmation of payment , you need to pay us

Booking cancellation policy :

  • Cancellation within one day before the client makes/take a package, we charge 50 % cancellation fee of the total price .
  • No -Show will be charge for 100 % of the payment TOTAL

Privacy Policy :

  • Booking tour you send is abolutely very safe . All your personal data will be processed in secure.understanding privacy of personal data that you send , we process seriously , stressed again all your personal data will only be used to facilitate booking you want.








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